Public Interest Law Careers Guide - Department of Health

Field of Law

Victorian Government

Stage of Career

Secondary Schools; Graduates

Contact Details

Address: 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia
Phone: 1300 253 942
Visit the Department of Health
Contact person: Delphine Wills

Description of Organisation

The Department of Health oversees and administers responsibilities of the Ministry for Health, the Ministry for Ageing and the Ministry for Mental Health. The Department of Health delivers services through Victoria's eight geographical regions. It engages in extensive policy work.

Five divisions share the department's responsibilities for developing strategic priorities, implementing policy, and funding and monitoring service delivery. These are:

  • Strategy and Policy
  • Finance and Corporate Services
  • Hospital and Health Service Performance
  • Wellbeing
  • Integrated Care and Ageing
  • Mental Health
  • Drugs and Regions

The department has approximately 1,350 staff across five divisions and eight regions. The portfolios are:

  • Health
  • Health care services through the public hospital system, community health services, ambulance services and dental services
  • Health promotion and protection through emergency management, public health and related preventative services, education and regulation
  • Mental Health
  • The public mental health service system consisting of clinical services and psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services
  • A range of alcohol and drug prevention and treatment services
  • Aged Care
  • Residential and rehabilitation care for older people, along with support and assistance to enable them to remain independently in their own homes

Number of legal and/or policy positions within organisation:  Approximately 50% 

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Information for secondary schools

Do you have work experience placements for secondary school students?

By arrangement

Information for university students/graduates

What are you looking for in a graduate?

Excellent academic results are not the only thing the Department of Health are considering and are no guarantee of a place on the scheme. 

We are looking for graduates with:

  • strong analytical and conceptual abilities
  • excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • initiative and accountability
  • an interest in public policy

Qualifications/skills required

  • Unlike many graduate programs, it does not matter when a person completed their degree. The Department of Health are looking for a Bachelor degree minimum.
  • People with double degrees, Masters or PhDs are welcome to apply.

  • The Department of Health are looking for graduates who have the public sector values of responsiveness, integrity, impartiality, accountability, respect, leadership and human rights.

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