Department of Treasury and Finance

Last Updated in 2016

Field of Law

Victorian Government

Stage of career

Secondary; Graduates; Practising lawyers

Contact details

Address: 1 Treasury Place, East Melbourne 3002
Phone: (03) 9651 5111
Visit the Department of Treasury and Finance website
Contact person: Marion Chapman (in-house legal, General Counsel)

Contact person for Indigenous applicants:

Simon Dally, Senior HR Adviser
Corporate Strategy and Services
Phone: (03) 96515615

Description of Organisation

The Department of Treasury and Finance provides the Government with economic, financial and resource management policy advice to assist the Government in delivering its policy outcomes. DTF's innovative, expert advice balances economic, social and environmental goals within a framework of responsible financial management.

This includes:

  • Supporting the Government in budget and financial management;
  • Delivering innovative and timely policy advice, influencing Government decisions on a range of economic, social and environmental issues;
  • Providing strategic leadership across the public sector on economic and financial sector reform;
  • Assisting the Government with the implementation of major infrastructure projects and frameworks; and
  • Influencing decisions made by the government on major contractual arrangements across the state.

Number of legal positions within organisation:

  • 10-12 in-house lawyers.
  • 300+ other staff - mainly economists and accountants with some policy development  - an option for double degree students doing Law/Economics or Law/Commerce

Information for secondary schools

Work experience placements for secondary school students are available by arrangement

Contact person for work experience placements:

Contact the HR team

Information for university students/graduates

What are you looking for in a graduate?

Interest in policy development

Qualifications/skills required

A Law degree qualifies an applicant for both legal and policy work. Commerce/Economics degree or units beneficial for policy work

What electives/areas of study are viewed favourably?

Anything connected  with public law

What prior work/volunteer work is viewed favourably?

Any relevant work experience in public sector - prefer public sector experience.

Do you have a graduate clerkship program?

Yes. Legal recruitment goes though the Victorian Government GRADS scheme

Do you have a minimum Grade Point Average standard for an applicant's academic record?

High marks are good, but marks are only one factor.

If there are any fails on a candidate's academic record how will they affect the recruitment process?

Not a disadvantage - DTF will be looking at the whole candidate

Information for practising lawyers

What are you looking for in a permanent employee?

Solid legal skills, good communication skills; analytical ability, attention to detail, good work ethic.

What prior work is viewed favourably?

Any prior experience in government.

On average, how many positions become available per year?

1 -2 per year

How many applications do you receive for these?

5-6 applications.

Where do you advertise your positions?

Some recruitment is done internally. External recruitment usually through the Careers page on the Victorian Government website and the Financial Review

Do you use a recruitment agency?


Advice for applicants

Address the key selection criteria, think of examples for the interview, demonstrate the skills

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