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Secondary, Undergraduates; Practising Lawyers

Contact Details

Address: c/- Law Faculty, Monash University, Victoria 3800 Australia
Phone: 0419 549 429; 03 9905 3362
Visit the Alternative Law Journal website
Social media: FacebookTwitter
Contact person: Deborah Candy

Description of Organisation

The Alternative Law Journal (AltLJ) is a quarterly, refereed law journal published by the Legal Service Bulletin Co-operative Ltd in Melbourne, Australia. The Journal was first published in 1974 as the Legal Service Bulletin by the Fitzroy Legal Service in Melbourne, Australia. The journal grew quickly into a publication serving a much wider readership. The name was changed in 1992 to better reflect its goals and readership.

The AltLJ is administered by volunteers, is independent of any organisation or political party, and is self-funding. The Co-operative is most appreciative of the support provided by the Law Faculty, Monash University in Melbourne, where the journal is based.

The goals of the AltLJ can be broadly described as:

  • promotion of social justice, human rights and law reform issues
  • critique of the legal system
  • monitoring developments in alternative legal practice
  • community legal education.

Number of legal positions within organisation: No paid legal staff, one administrator

Information for university students/graduates

Students are welcome to submit short 800-1500 word articles known as "Briefs" or contribute reviews for our Law&Culture column (maximum 600 words).

It is recommended that students visit the journal website or access copies of the Journal through their university website first to get an idea of the kinds of items that are submitted.

Before submitting a brief, be sure to consult the author guidelines page on the Alternative Law Journal website

What sorts of volunteer or internship opportunities are available?

The AltLJ takes interns on an as-needs basis. These are facilitated through the Progressive Law Network or directly with the Journal.

Contact person for volunteers/internships:  Deb Candy

Information for practising lawyers

The Alternative Law Journal welcomes contributions for publication in five categories:

  • articles up to 3500 words with preference given to shorter articles
  • briefs around 1000 to 1500 words
  • columns (variable lengths)
  • law & culture reviews up to 600 words

Articles and Briefs are welcome on a wide range of legal and social issues, for example, social justice, access to justice, the administration of justice, the environment, critical legal education, law reform, community lawyering, human rights, crime, family law, welfare law, freedom of information, refugee and immigration law, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination law, Indigenous rights, women's rights, disability rights, sexual identity and the law, the Asia/Pacific region, race and the law, children's rights, consumer rights, workers' rights, rural and regional issues, social security law and issues relating to marginalised or disadvantaged people or groups.

The journal is national and while articles and briefs may cover an issue in one state, it is desirable that comparisons are drawn with other jurisdictions, particularly in articles. Articles should generally focus on, or have an Australasian or comparative context.

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