Environmental law

Working in environmental law may encompass land and wildlife conservation, planning and development, climate change policy or large scale litigation. Knowledge of trade law, tariffs and product regulation will assist those interested in international environmental law.  Locally, lawyers may lend their property knowledge to planning and conservation; even waste management (which to most may not sound appealing) can incorporate very interesting work involving regulation of pollution, recycling and sequestration. Those concerned with climate change and sustainability issues should consider policy work for government.

If you are a student, start by taking a unit in Environmental Law at uni. It will introduce you to the area and break many of those preconceptions you may have, as you begin to understand the technical and economic context of environmental regulations.  The Environment Defenders Office is a great place to go for volunteer places and internships, or the Australian Earth Laws Alliance to get involved in events and research.

Postgraduate studies and professional development courses are available from the ANU College of Law's Australian Centre for Environmental Law website


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