Justice system

A law degree will qualify you to become a judge's or member's associate. For more information about how to get a job as an associate, see the Australian Law Students Association's Judges Associates Guide web site

Many jobs in the court system do not require a law degree. They have been included here because they may be of interest to secondary school students, or law students who are unsure if they really want to be lawyers, but want to put the studies they have done to good use. For example, a university student who has completed one year of university is eligible to apply to apply to the Melbourne Magistrates' Court as a trainee registrar. There are also jobs here that students may be able to do on a part-time basis (e.g. Tipstaff) or do while they complete PLT. Courts also offer some valuable volunteering opportunities.

Practising lawyers may be interested to know that while judges and magistrates are appointed, one can apply to become a VCAT member.

The Department of Justice is a very large department and encompasses corrections, courts and tribunals, consumer affairs, policy and planning, and police and emergency services. For an organisational chart that will give you an overview of what the Department does visit the Department of Justice website. Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Centre of Victoria have their own entries in this guide.

Organisations offering career opportunities in the Victorian justice system

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