Bisexual Alliance, Victoria

Field of Law

LGBTIQ / Queer Rights

Stage of Career

Secondary school; Undergraduate; Graduate; Practising lawyers (Volunteer only)

Contact Details

Address:100 Drummond St CARLTON VIC 3053
Phone: 0407 823 025
Visit the Bisexual Alliance Victoria Inc website
Contact person: James Dominguez

Description of Organisation

Bisexual Alliance Victoria Inc. is a non-profit volunteer-run organisation dedicated to promoting the acceptance of bisexuals in GLBTI and mainstream society, providing a fun, safe space where bisexuals can meet, make friends, and talk about their experiences, and informing the bisexual community about  relevant news and opportunities for activism.

Does your organisation have a human rights officer?

Yes - everyone

Information for secondary schools

Do you host school trips or send speakers to schools?

Can send speakers

Contact person for school trip and/or speakers:

Sally Goldner AM

Information for university students/graduates and practising lawyers

What sort of volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteers interested in researching Bisexual issues and writing submissions to Government are welcome to apply.

Contact person for volunteers

James Dominguez

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