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Last Updated in 2016

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Victorian Government

Stage of Career

Practising Lawyers

Contact Details

Address: 1 McNab Ave, Footscray, VIC, 3011
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Description of Organisation

State Trustees plays an important role in the lives of Victorians, helping people when life is unfair.  We believe every Victorian deserves to live on, that’s why we exist. We make a difference by providing an empathetic, dedicated and client centric service to the Victorian community. The interests of our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We employ over 400 people from a range of backgrounds and industries to enable us to offer our diverse range of services. We have an uncompromisingly customer-focused working environment that is supportive, inclusive and team-oriented.

The Client Legal team provides litigation and legal administration, probate and conveyancing services to State Trustees clients.  It assists in managing the legal affairs of State Trustees’ clients across the business and prepares Will and Enduring Power of Attorney documents. State Trustees is the largest administrator of deceased estates in Victoria; is involved in preparing Wills and also offers expert legal estate planning advice and astute financial planning for all Victorians.

The Corporate Legal team provides legal services (other than Human Resources or industrial relations related issues) on corporate legal matters to State Trustees.

Number of legal positions within organisation: 15

Information for university students/graduates

Do you have a graduate clerkship program?

State Trustees does not offer ‘Graduate' positions as such. Positions are classified according to our Career Level classifications under an Enterprise Agreement.

Examples of entry-level roles graduates have filled are: Will Writer, Conveyancing Assistant, Probate Clerk, Filing Clerk.

Qualifications/skills required

This is dependent on the skills, experience and competency required for each specific role.

Generally, this would include a relevant qualification within a law or business area along with demonstrated experience within a same or related field.

What electives/areas of study are viewed favourably?

No specific elective is considered to be more favourable than another.

What prior work/volunteer work is viewed favourably?

Any paid or unpaid work experience that is relevant to the role.

How does one apply

All vacancies are advertised on the Employment page on our website. All applications need to be submitted on line via the relevant advertisement.

We also advertise our vacancies on the Careers page on the Victorian Government website and on

Dates for application

Dates are published on the advertisement. Generally positions are advertised for a period of 2 weeks.

Do you require your applicants to be recent law graduates? If so, how recent?

Not necessarily. This will be dependent on the role and its specific requirements of competency, skills, knowledge and experience.

Interview process

  • Phone Interview
  • Face to Face Interview - 2 stages
  • Stage 1 - behavioural/competency based interview
  • Stage 2 - a second interview (as required) and/or completion of psychometric testing

Do you have a minimum Grade Point Average standard for an applicant's academic record?


If there are any fails on a candidate's academic record how will they affect the recruitment process?

An applicant's academic successes is not considered an exclusive measure of their suitability to a position. This decision will be based on an applicant's overall application which includes; written applications, proof of qualification, phone interview, competency/behavioural interview, psychometric testing employment references.

Information for practising lawyers

What are you looking for in a permanent employee?

In addition to relevant qualifications and work experience, employees in this area will have strong verbal and written communication skills, well developed interpersonal skills, the ability to recognise and solve complex problems, the ability to manage own work load and meet deadlines, demonstrate a high level of customer focus and integrity, a high level research and analytical skills.

This list is not exhaustive.

What prior work is viewed favourably?

See above.

On average, how many positions become available per year?

1 to 2 on average.

How many applications do you receive for these?


Where do you advertise your positions?

State Trustees website, and Careers page on the Victorian Government website

Do you use a recruitment agency?

All recruitment is done in-house through our recruitment area in a first instance. Where required, agency may be used.

Additional comments

State Trustees does not participate in the VPS GRADS program.

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