Stage of career - graduates

The organisations on this page offer graduate programs to students finishing their degree, or take students undergoing a Practical Legal Training course for their placement. Note that not all graduate programs involve admission to practice. Government programs in particular, are focused on the training needed to work in that particular area of the public service. A number of Government bodies get their graduates through the centralised GRADS scheme run by the State Services Authority; others have their own programs.

It should be noted that undertaking a graduate program that does not include admission to practice does not preclude someone from undergoing Practical Legal Training and admission to practice at a later date.

Some graduate programs such as Native Title Services Victoria and the Victoria Legal Aid New Lawyers Program require graduates to undertake their own Practical Legal Training and admission to practice. Some other organisations such as the Department of Health, State Trustees and the National Native Title Tribunal do not have graduate programs as such, but have indicated that they welcome graduates to apply for entry-level positions.

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