Stage of law - practising lawyers

This guide has been designed not just to be a useful resource for students, but also to provide those already in the profession with information about public interest law careers. The links below will assist you in researching the public interest law employment market and identify positions that suit your skills and interests.

Some volunteering opportunities are also listed. Volunteering in a community legal centre or advocacy organisation like Liberty Victoria or the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel can provide satisfaction to those in private practice who wish to make a greater contribution to social justice issues. The list of community legal centres below is by no means exhaustive and there are many others who may benefit from your contribution. For more information, visit the CLC Volunteers website.

If you are interested in incorporating collaborative law or mediation into your practice, see the relevant entries and testimonials under Alternative Dispute Resolution. There is a dramatic shortage of lawyers in rural areas, and research shows that many principals are currently nearing retirement. If you are ready for a change of scene, see the Remote Rural and Regional Lawyering entry.


Volunteering Opportunities:

Postgraduate Scholarships:


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