Castan Centre Human Rights Clinic

The newest addition to the Castan Centre's student programs is the Castan Centre Human Rights Clinic, which was launched on 25 June 2020.

The Clinic is different from the Castan Centre’s in-house internship. The Clinic engages students in practical human rights work. For example, students may work with external clients (such as domestic or international human rights organisations) on one or more policy or advocacy projects that have real-life impact. Alternatively, students may be involved with drafting submissions to parliamentary inquiries or preparing shadow reports to UN treaty bodies.

Students will work on projects in small groups with close supervision of a Clinical Supervisor. Weekly meetings and seminars will run alongside client projects to equip students with key skills relevant for law-related work in the human rights field.

Participating students must have completed one of the following human rights modules:

  • LAW4155 International Human Rights
  • LAW5304 Overview of International Human Rights Law
  • LAW4172 Human Rights in Australian Law

Or a subject equivalent to the above.

Further Information:

PDF version of this information above can be found here