Voice to Parliament Clinic

With the upcoming referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament, 2023 is set to be a defining moment in our country’s history. The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Voice to Parliament Clinic offers Monash Law students with an interest in social justice and human rights a unique opportunity to be part of this defining moment.

Students involved in the Voice to Parliament Clinic will educate, advocate and engage with the public to raise knowledge and awareness of this historic opportunity. Students will be supported in this endeavour by Professor Melissa Castan (Castan Centre Director), Dr Ronli Sifris (Castan Centre Deputy Director), and Dr Gina Bekker (Castan Centre Clinic Supervisor).


Participating students will need to have completed Public Law and Statutory Interpretation (LAW1112) – Undergraduate/Principles of Public Law and Statutory Interpretation (LAW5004) - Juris Doctor (JD).

Students must have completed at least 72 credit points of law study.

The Voice to Parliament Clinic is part of the 6 credit unit LAW4811 'In-House Placement' and will run once a week on a Friday (full-day) for a period of 12 weeks between 15 May and 18 August 2023.

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Applications close 1 May 2023.

About the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

The Castan Centre is a world-renowned academic centre within the Monash Faculty of Law using its human rights expertise to create a more just world where human rights are respected and protected. The Centre’s innovative approach to public engagement and passion for human rights is redefining how academic institutions can create important and lasting change.

The referendum on the Voice to Parliament will guide the proposed constitutional change to enable First Nations people to be heard in matters that affect them. To learn more, Castan Centre members Dr Katie O’Bryan and Professor Paula Gerber debunk the myths and misconceptions regarding the proposal in this Monash Lens piece, Voice to Parliament: Debunking 10 myths and misconceptions.


Students interested in the Voice to Parliament Clinic are welcome to contact Gina Bekker, the Castan Centre for Human Rights Clinic Supervisor at gina.bekker@monash.edu.