Q. I did a subject at another uni or overseas that I think is the equivalent to LAW4155, LAW4172 or LAW7026 can I apply?

A. Yes, but please include the subject outline with your application so we can see the content of the course. The subject must be specifically based on human rights law and a general international law subject is not equivalent.

Q. I will be enrolled in LAW4155, LAW4172 or LAW7026 during the internship period, am I eligible?

A. No, You must have completed the subject by the start of the internship, so for example if you apply for a Semester 1 internship when you are also enrolled in the relevant subject in semester 1 you are not eligible. You may apply before you have actually completed the subject as long as you are enrolled and will have finished by the time the internship begins.

Q. Is the internship paid?

A. No, unfortunately we do not have the financial resources to pay interns.

Q. I'm not a Monash student, can I still apply?

A. Yes, but preference is given to Monash students.

Q. How many times a year do you advertise for interns?

A. Twice a year, once for Summer and Semester 1, once for Winter and Semester 2.