Winter Vacation Scholarship Program

The Castan Centre Winter Vacation Scholarship is a professional research placement, which provides students the opportunity to conduct human rights related research for a concentrated period over the Winter vacation to support the work of the Castan Centre, and its members.

About the Winter Vacation Scholarship Program

These scholarships aim to provide students with:
  • Experience in an area of research;
  • An insight into future opportunities within research;
  • Encouragement to pursue a career in research or academia.
Successful students will be known as recipients of a Winter Vacation Scholarship – Castan
Centre, Faculty of Law and will be compensated $500 per week.
Projects designed for the Winter Scholarship program will be of 2 weeks duration and will be completed within the period 27 June - 22 July.

What kind of work will students do?

If successful, students will take part in research-related activities, such as:
  • Research for parliamentary or other policy submissions made on behalf of the Centre;
  • Research for publications which are co-authored by two or more Centre members;
  • Dissemination of Castan Centre badged research and translation of this via blogs and media outputs.

Building your research and academic skills

The Castan Centre Winter Vacation Scholarship allows students to:
  • Connect and engage with academics and experts in human rights
  • Conduct high-quality academic research Support the design and development
  • of impactful policy projects to advance human rights
  • Work in a professional research team Engage in human rights advocacy
  • Same but refer to Winter Vacation Scholarship (not In-house Internship)

How to Apply

View the available projects to determine if there is a project of interest to you.
See here for further information on how to apply.
Questions can be sent to the Castan Centre's Policy Manager at