Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migration

4 April 2022

The Castan Centre is proud to release its report on Australia's Responsibility to Protect the Human Rights of Women in Afghanistan.

This report brings together our expertise in refugee law and gender to advocate for greater recognition of the particular protection needs of women in Afghanistan.

The report recommends, amongst other things, that the resettlement places for nationals from Afghanistan be increased.

We were pleased to see the government announce in this year's budget that it would allocate an additional 16,500 humanitarian places for Afghan nationals over the next four years. This represents the start of an important process which will involve careful and considered implementation of that promise.

Our report seeks to contribute to this by analysing important international practice on protection for asylum seekers at risk in Afghanistan which can inform the development of Australian policy.

It also makes further recommendations about how Australia should act to ensure that we protect those in need.

The Centre hopes in releasing the report that our findings will inform policy-making and implementation of Australia's commitment to protect asylum-seekers fleeing harm.

Click here to access the report now