Myth 8: The Report recommending a Human Rights Act is not reflective of the majority of Australian views

The myth: 
Although there were more than 35,000 submissions to the National Human Rights Consultation, the credibility of many of the submissions is doubtful because of their quality and difficulties in verification.  Moreover, thousands of submissions came through campaigns orchestrated by GetUp! and Amnesty.

The reality:  The level of response to the National Human Rights Consultation was the largest in Australia's history to a public consultation.   More than 40,000 people made a written submission to the Committee or attended community forums at 52 locations across Australia.  87% of the submissions which expressed an opinion supported a Human Rights Act.  Furthermore, a rigorous and independent national poll conducted on behalf of the National Human Rights Consultation Committee found 57% of people in favour of a Human Rights Act and only 14% against.

Those who criticise the electronic submissions made to the Consultation fail to understand how technology is changing our lives.  As GetUp! has stated, the greater level of participation made possible by technology is cause for celebration, not consternation.  Indeed, almost 2000 of the submissions which were against a Human Rights Act were channelled electronically through a single organisation, the Australian Christian Lobby.  The people have spoken and they want a Human Rights Act.