Reports for government

We compile reports for domestic and international bodies on human rights issues. Through these reports, the Centre directly influences policy and legislative development, ensuring that human rights issues are considered in domestic and international decision-making.

Corporations and Human Rights

  • McBeth, A. Briefing Paper on the United Nations Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with Regard to Human Rights, February 2004.
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  • Kinley, D. Discussion paper for DFAT and Treasury Department, State Obligations in Respect of the UN's Human Rights Norms for Corporations. December 2003.

Death Penalty

  • Jenkin, E,, Casey, E,, Zizek. A and Paulding, S., Submission to the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Capital Punishment, April 2018
    Full Submission

Human Rights & Health

  • Bugalski, N. & Joseph, S. 'Advice to ACT Health on the proposed Human Rights Act', July 2003.

Human Rights and International Development Banks

  • Kinley, D. & Davis, T. Discussion Paper for the Special Adviser on Human Rights, World Bank, 'Human Rights Implications of Privatization and Private Sector Development Activities for World Bank Operations'. December 2003

International Trade & Human Rights

  • Kinley, D., & McBeth, A., ‘Human Rights, Multinational Corporations and the International Trade System: Present and Future’, DFAT/NGO Consultations on Human Rights, 4 September 2002

LGBTI rights

  • Gerber, P. Shadow Report to the UN Human Rights Committee regarding Nepal's protection of the Rights of LGBTI Persons, February 2014
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  • Fletcher, A. Alternatives to Imprisonment for Vulnerable Offenders Report prepared for Australian Government Attorney-General's Department, July 2012
    Full report
  • Naylor, B.'Government’s Independent Investigation into the Management and Operations of Victoria's Private Prisons', August 2000.

Women and Human Rights

  • Gaze, B., Comments to Sex Discrimination Commissioner on draft Pregnancy Guidelines for Employers, on behalf of National Women's Justice Coalition, February 2001.