Chris Weeramantry

chris weeramantryHis Excellency Judge Christopher Weeramantry

An Emeritus Professor at Monash, Judge Weeramantry held the Sir Hayden Starke Chair of Law from 1972 to 1991. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Monash in 2001 and was made an Honorary Member of the Order of Australia in 2013 for his service to the law.

Born in Sri Lanka in 1926, Judge Weeramantry began his celebrated legal career in his native Colombo where he practised as a lawyer before being appointed to the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, on which he sat from 1967 to 1972.

After leaving Monash in 1991, he was appointed a Judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and served as its Vice President from 1997 until his retirement in 2000.

During his time with the ICJ, Judge Weeramantry helped to establish environmental law as an independent branch of international law and was celebrated for his seminal argument against the legality of the use of nuclear weapons. He went on to serve as President of the International Association of Lawyers  Against  Nuclear Arms.

Judge Weeramantry tireless advocacy for peace and intercultural understanding was evident in his scholarly career. He held professorships at universities including Harvard University, the University of Hong Kong, the University of Colombo and the University of Tokyo; and was the author of numerous books  and  articles on subjects such as human rights, equality and religious understanding.

Below are a list of Judge Weeramantry's various publications from books to judgments.

One world, one home, one law for all: a tribute to Christopher Gregory Weeramantry on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday, 2017

Islamic jurisprudence: an international perspective, 2014

Islamic influences on international philosophy and law, 2012

Towards one world: the memoirs of Judge C.G. Weeramantry (3 volumes), 2010

Tread lightly on the earth : religion, the environment, and the human future : a report for the World Future Council, 2009

Good faith negotiations leading to the total elimination of nuclear weapons: request for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice, 2009

Xenotransplantation : the legal and ethical concerns, 2007

Armageddon or Brave new world? : reflections on the hostilities in Iraq, 2nd edition, 2005

Sustainable justice : reconciling economic, social and environmental law, 2005

A call for national reawakening, 2005

Universalising international law, 2004

Armageddon, or, Brave new world? : reflections on the hostilities in Iraq, 2003

The law in crisis: bridges of understanding, 2001

The World Court: its conception, constitution and contribution (Weeramantry International Centre for Peace Education and Research), 2001

Environmental aspects of Sri Lanka’s ancient irrigation system, 2000

Equality and freedom: some third world perspectives, 1999

El Padrenuestro : un puente hacia un mundo mejor (Spanish), 1999

Legal visions of the 21st century : essays in honour of Judge Christopher Weeramantry, 1998

The lord’s prayer: bridge to a better world, 1998

Justice without frontiers (2 volumes), 1997

Essays on justice : the human rights dimension, 1997

"On earth as it is in heaven" : a vision of world order for the 21st century, 1995

Impact of technology on human rights: global case-studies, 1993

Does international law matter: Prof Christopher Gregory Weeramantry, 1993

Nauru : environmental damage under international trusteeship, 1992

International law in a changing world: convocation address, 1991

Human rights and scientific technological development: studies on the affirmative use of science and technology for the furtherance of human rights, 1990

Human rights and the armaments trade, 1990

International Seminar on the Teaching of Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland, 5-9 December 1988: background paper, 1988

Report: Commission of Inquiry into Rehabilitation of the Worked-out Phosphate Lands of Nauru, 1988

Kakuheiki to kagakusha no sekinin, 1987

Development of social moral and ethical responsibilities for lawyers in the Lawasia region, 1987

Nuclear weapons and scientific responsibility, 1987

International human rights: some Islamic perspectives, 1986

The ethnic problem in Sri Lanka: a collection of articles and essays (Volume 2), 1986

The ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka: some revelations, 1985

Value of European culture in non-Western legal education, 1985

Law, the threatened peripheries, 1984

A new human rights dispensation for Sri Lanka : one of the paths to the solution of communal conflict, 1984

The slumbering sentinels : law and human rights in the wake of technology, 1983

Consent to the medical treatment of minors and intellectually handicapped persons, 1983

Plea for national unity and an undivided Sri Lanka, 1983

An invitation to the law, 1982

International human rights: documents, 1982

Apartheid, the closing phases?, 1980

An introduction to the jurisprudence of Islam : introductory lectures for law students at Monash University, Melbourne, 1980

Law as a cultural discipline, 1979

Human rights in Japan, 1978

Cybernetics and the re-discovery of participation, 1977

Equality and freedom : some third world perspectives, 1976

The law in crisis : bridges of understanding, 1975

The law and the common man; talks delivered at a seminar of the Law Society held on February 20, 1970 and a meeting of the Jaffna Law Library Assn. held on March 28, 1970

The law of contracts : being a treatise on the law of contracts as prevailing in Ceylon, and involving a comparative study of the Roman-Dutch, English and customary laws relating to contracts, 1967

The law of contracts : being a treatise on the law of contracts as prevailing in Ceylon, 1967

Joint Authorship of Report of Nauru Commission of Inquiry, 1987-1988 – 5 volumes of text and 5 volumes of documents

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