Castan Centre for Human Right Law

Human Rights 2003: The Year in Review

Thursday, 4 December, 2003
The CUB Malthouse, Southbank, Melbourne

Professor Hilary Charlesworth
Professor of International Law and Director of the Centre for International and Public Law in the Faculty of Law, ANU

"Is the War on Terror Compatible with Human Rights?: An International Law Perspective" 

Tony Parkinson
International Editor, The Age

"The Political Realities of the War Against Terror"

Simon Bronitt
Director, National Europe Centre, The ANU

"Australia's Legal Response to Terrorism: Neither Novel nor Extraordinary?" 

Dr David Wright-Neville
Politics Department, Monash University

Dr Jawahir Thontowi
Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta

"The Islamic Perspective of the War on Terror and Current Indonesian Responses" 

Professor Tim McCormack
Australian Red Cross Professor of International Humanitarian Law, and Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Military Law, The University of Melbourne

"Bright Moments In a Frustrating Year: Developments in International Criminal Law"

Gwynn MacCarrick
Assigned Counsel for the Defenders Unit, Special Court for Sierra Leone
Former Defence Counsel in East Timor

"Human Rights and Defending War Crimes"

Melissa Castan
Senior Lecturer, Monash law School

"Indigenous Australian Rights in the Courts: The Jurisprudence of Denial" 

Dr Susan Kneebone
Associate Professor, Monash Law School

"Bouncing the Ball between the Courts and the Legislature: What is the score on refugee issues?" 

Nic Maclellan
Journalist and Researcher on the Pacific

"Australian Neo-colonialism in the Pacific: Human Rights Implications"