The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law and Liberty Victoria present

Julian Assange

Geeks versus gag orders: has censorship been privatised?

13 May 2010

Held at Monash University Law Chambers, Melbourne 


Julian Assange is an activist, journalist, and the editor of, which was founded to disseminate documents, photos and video which have political or social significance.  WikiLeaks recently published US military footage showing a number of people - including two Reuters journalists - being killed by a US helicopter gunship.  The website has published thousands of explosive secret documents, including the manual for the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, documents exposing high-level corruption in Kenya, top secret Church of Scientology manuals and the membership list of the far-right British National Party.

Mr Assange was born and raised in Australia. He won the Amnesty International Media Award (New Media) in 2009 for his work on extrajudicial assassinations and disappearances in Kenya, and the Index on Censorship's Economist New Media Award in 2008.  He has been described as the founder of WikiLeaks, although he does not use that term himself.


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