Castan Centre public events and lectures 2011

Increasing awareness of human rights strengthens and invigorates efforts for change. One of our most important programs is our annual series of public lectures, workshops and roundtables featuring experts from Australia and overseas. Papers, audio and video recordings of our public lectures for 2011 are posted below.

Are States meeting their responsibilities to trafficked persons?
Annual Lecture by Ms Joy Ezeilo, United Nations Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially in women and children
28 November 2011

Momcilovic v R: The High Court's Views on the Constitutionality and Operation of the Victorian Charter
Panelists James Stellios of ANU College of Law and Dr Julie Debeljak of the Castan Centre
10 October 2011

The High Court and Refugee Policy: Implications and International Comparisons
Panelists Dr Susan Kneebone, Maria O'Sullivan and Professor James Walter
14 September 2011

Religion and Society in Indonesia after the Cikeusik Murders
Panelists Professor Dr Dadang Kahmad, Professor Dr Asep Saepul Muhtadi and Mr Hendar Riyadi
29 August 2011

The Victorian Charter of Fundamental Rights: a case of inappropriate transplants?
Dr Angela Ward of the Bar Council, Law Library of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
18 August 2011

Victor's Justice: Selecting the Targets of International Tribunals
Professor William A. Schabas, Director Irish Centre for Human Rights and Chair in Human Rights Law, National University of Ireland, Galway
A Holding Redlich Distinguished Visiting Fellow
1 June 2011

Western Sahara: Living Dangerously Under Moroccan Occupation
Aicha Dahane is an International Officer of the Forum for the Future for Saharawi Women (Western Sahara). Dr Benjamin MacQueen is the Deputy Director of the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University
10 May 2011

Perspectives on the International Intervention in Libya
Panelists Professor Donald R Rothwell, Associate Professor Gideon Boas and Jeff Sparrow.
20 April 2011

Will the Revolution be Tweeted?  The Role of Social Media in Promoting and Protecting Human Rights
Panelists Sarah Joseph, Sam McLean, Jonathan Green and Alex Pagliaro discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of social media to promote and protect human rights
5 April 2011

Business and Human Rights at Home and Abroad: an Update on the Work of the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative on Business and Human Rights
Vanessa Zimmerman, Legal Advisor to Professor John Ruggie the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative on Business and Human Rights
1 April 2011

International Humanitarian Law and the Young Lawyer
Career forum with students who undertook internships at international criminal tribunals
16 March 2011

Preying on the Poor: "Vulture Funds", Foreign Debt and Human Rights in Developing Countries
Dr Cephas Lumina is the UN Independent Expert on the Effects of Foreign Debt and other Related Financial Obligations on Human Rights
10 February 2011