Implementing Human Rights in Closed Environments 2012 Conference

Available Conference Papers and Powerpoints

Astrid Birgden

Powerpoint 'Providing an Ethical Framework to Guide Prison Staff: Laws, Procedures and Roles (or Chasing Rabbits)' (Session 7)

President Catherine Branson
Paper 'Applying Human Rights in Closed Environments: Practical Observations on Monitoring and Oversight' (Session 5)


Jeffrey Chan

Powerpoint 'Challenges in Implementing Human Rights in Disability Settings'  (Session 7B)


Patsie Frawley

Powerpoint '"Free to go" – Understanding what is Meant by a Closed Environment in Disability Facilities' (Session 4)

Richard Harding
Paper 'Why Australia Must Ratify and Implement OPCAT' (Session 5)

Oliver Lewis
Paper 'Detention and Disability' (Session 1)
Bronwyn Naylor
Powerpoint 'Human Rights and Respect in Prisons' (Session 8)

Natalie Pierce
Powerpoint 'Implementing Human Rights in Closed Environments (New Zealand)' (Session 2)


Jem Stevens
Powerpoint 'Changing Culture in Closed Environments: What Works?' (Session 6)


Ruth Vine
Powerpoint Panel Discussion on Psychiatric Settings (Session 7C)

Ivan Zinger
Powerpoint 'Human Rights in Canadian Federal Corrections: A Prison Ombudsman's Perspective' (Session 2)