Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law appeared before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights to discuss the Castan Centre’s submission to the Inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework.

28 August 2023

The original submission was prepared by Castan Centre Research Fellow Scott Walker, Director Professor Melissa Castan and Deputy Director (Academic) Associate Professor Ronli Sifris.

The submission makes 25 specific recommendations and focuses on three areas through which Australia’s human rights framework can be strengthened. The Committee raised issues of Rights to Adequate Housing, the role of Courts and Tribunals, Indigenous rights, the work of the PJCHR and the realisation of economic, social and cultural rights.

Castan Centre Academic Member Associate Professor Julie Debeljak and Adjunct Professor Pamela Tate AM KC also prepared separate submissions to the Inquiry and appeared this afternoon.

Following the hearing, Scott Walker and Melissa Castan spoke to the wonderful staff at Loreto College about the Referendum and the Voice to Parliament. They had an excellent conversation about law, history and Australia’s future.

Download Associate Professor Debeljak's submission