Training and consultancy

The Centre and its academics produce research that lead to publications, roundtables and other outcomes which influence law, policy and discourse on key human rights issues.


The Castan Centre provides extensive human rights training for Australian government departments and overseas public officials. We have run courses for officers in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as Australian Aid Program courses for participants from Indonesia, Iraq, Vietnam and Burma/Myanmar. Involvement in these courses reflects the Centre’s commitment to helping improve human rights in our region.

See some more information on the training programs in which the Castan Centre has been involved with here


The Castan Centre has produced a number of advisory research papers for Australian and international agencies, including the World Bank, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the ACT Departments of Health and Education, the World Organisation against Torture and BHB Billiton. The provision of human rights advice by the Centre is regarded as integral to its aim of positively influencing government and inter-governmental policy on rights.

If you are interested in human rights training or advisory research please contact us on 03 9905 3327 or