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August 2018

  • We welcomed our inaugural Dispute Resolution Technology Fellow, Nicole Mollard. Nicki is a highly valued member of the teaching staff at Monash Law, and combines her legal education expertise with her practise at the Victorian Bar, qualification as a mediator and membership of the Board of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority. She has implemented innovations in the fields of experiential learning, online dispute resolution and electronic discovery, and is sought out for her leadership in these areas. We look forward to Nicki's forthcoming contributions to the ACJI Blog.

July 2018

  • On 30 July ACJI partnered with the Law, Health & Wellbeing Group to host a panel discussion exploring the justice system implications of the Victorian Parliament's recent inquiry into drug law reform with Associate Professor Kate Seear, Fiona Patten MLC, Mick Palmer AO APM, Magistrate Tony Parsons and Associate Professor Becky Batagol as MC.This event was featured in an article in the Law Institute Journal written by Karin Derkley. You can read the article here.
  • On 31 July Nicki Mollard attended the VCAT 20th birthday celebrations on behalf of ACJI.
  • Dr Genevieve Grant and Nicki Mollard represented ACJI on the advisory panel for VCAT's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Pilot. They attended committee meetings and provided feedback on the progression of the Pilot.
  • Dr Genevieve Grant gave an invited presentation at the Annual Research Forum of the University of Sydney's John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research. Genevieve presented her research on claimant experiences, lawyer involvement and access to justice in injury compensation schemes.

June 2018

  • Marnie Manning presented to the University of Oxford's Applied Ethics Discussion Group on a component of her PhD research. She presented preliminary findings of an empirical study she conducted on how Australian judges and doctors decide medical treatment decision dilemmas involving seriously ill young people (adolescents) and considered Feinberg's account of Harm in the context of specific hypothetical dilemmas involving young people and the preliminary empirical findings.
  • ACJI Deputy Director, Becky Batagol has been seconded as an Associate Professor to Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University from July 2018- July 2019 to grow their gender research.

May 2018

  • ACJI was joined by our new team member and Senior Research Fellow Dr Beth Kilgour. Beth is a highly experienced qualitative researcher, with a transdisciplinary research and clinical background in psychology, injury compensation systems, work disability and public health. Beth is working on the Joint Medical Evidence Review in collaboration with the Transport Accident Commission. Welcome Beth!

April 2018

  • From April-June 2018, Marnie Manning completed part of her doctoral research as a Recognised Student at the University of Oxford under academic advisors, Professor Dominic Wilkinson and Professor Julian Savulescu.  The Recognised Student program is offered to doctoral students of some years' standing and early career post-doctoral researchers.

March 2018

  • Dr Genevieve Grant and ACJI PhD Candidate Clare Scollay presented at the Unintended Consequences of Compensation Law symposium at the University of New South Wales. Genevieve presented her collaborative work with Prof Christine Parker on lawyer responsibility for claimant health in compensation systems, while Clare's presentation explored the dynamics of legal services use in compensation systems. Both papers will feature in a forthcoming collection edited by Prof Prue Vines and Prof Arno Akkermans to be published by Hart.

January 2018

  • On 29 January ACJI hosted a small luncheon with visiting academics Professor Bernie Mayer (Creighton University) and Professor Julie Macfarlane (University of Windsor). The event provided an opportunity for invitees to meet Professor Mayer and Professor Macfarlane and learn more about their respective work in access to justice, conflict resolution and self-represented litigants.

December 2017

  • On 4-5 December 2017 ACJI Director Becky Batagol and Monash PhD students Nussen Ainsworth, Clare Scollay, Kate Curnow and Jackie Weinberg attended the 6th annual Australasian Dispute Resolution Network Roundtable, December, in Dunedin New Zealand.

October 2017

  • On 12 October ACJI hosted the launch of Torts: Cases & Commentary (8th ed), authored by Emeritus Professor Harold Luntz, Emeritus Professor David Hambly, Dr Kylie Burns, Professor Joachim Dietrich, Associate Professor Neil Foster, Dr Sirko Harder and ACJI co-director Dr Genevieve Grant.
  • On 31 October ACJI hosted a talk presented by Professor Emily Spieler (Northeastern University) on the history and current status of workers’ compensation in the U.S., with a review of some of the contextual forces that continue to shape the contours of the programs in the states.

September 2017

  • On 7 September ACJI hosted a public lecture presented by A/Prof Michael Legg (UNSW Law) addressing questions raised in the VLRC's discussion paper dealing with the regulation of litigation funders. Commentary was provided by Dr Tania Penovic (Monash Law) and Mr David Burstyner (Adley Burstyner).
  • On 18 September ACJI hosted the Monash Courts and Tribunals Research Roundtable. This event brought together a diverse group of researchers, lawyers, policy experts and academics to share their insights on innovation in the context of courts and tribunals.
  • On 19 September ACJI hosted a public lecture about future directions for policy and practice regarding self-represented litigants. This event was presented by Dr Bridgette Toy-Cronin and Justice Kevin Bell AM.

August 2017

  • On 29 August ACJI collaborated with the Progressive Law Network to host a panel discussion on the School Lawyer Program. The event was presented by Vincent Shin, Shorna Moore, Monique Hurley and Semisi Kailahi from Westjustice.

July 2017

  • Dr Liz Richardson and Dr Becky Batagol have been appointed to the Global Advisory Council of the recently formed International Society of Therapeutic Jurisprudence.
  • Dr Liz Richardson attended the International Congress of Law and Mental Health held at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic on 10-14 July and presented two papers: one on her PhD thesis on Australian mental health courts and one on her article with Magistrate Pauline Spencer and David Wexler 'The International Framework for Court Excellence and therapeutic jurisprudence: Creating excellent courts and enhancing wellbeing' (2016) 25 Journal of Judicial Administration 148.
  • In July, Dr Becky Batagol started teaching our undergrad Non-Adversarial Justice unit with a highest ever enrolment of 120 students. 35 students will undertake placements at various courts and VCAT, a range of mediation organisations, Victoria Legal Aid, community legal centres, the Victorian Small Business Commissioner, the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and the  Australian Centre for Justice Innovation. We are grateful for those organisations for hosting students and showing them aspects of non- adversarial legal practice.

June 2017

  • Becky Batagol presented a paper 'Ceremonies of Protest: The Legal Regulation of Marriage in the Australian Civil Wedding Ceremony' at the Monash Law Protest Roundtable, 2 June 2017.
  • In early June Dr Genevieve Grant, Dr Liz Richardson and Esther Lestrell completed a series of Briefing Notes for the Transport Accident Commission as part of the Legal Innovation in Compensation Systems Project. The series included briefings on:
    • apology and the law
    • independent medical evidence
    • problem-oriented approaches to justice
    • Restorative Justice
    • Procedural Justice, and
    • online claims and dispute resolution portals.
  • Dr Genevieve Grant presented at The Dark Side of Rehab, the conference of the Tasmanian Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Providers, on 16 June 2017. Genevieve's presentation, 'Compensation Controversies and their Return to Work Implications', investigated several current controversies in workers' compensation systems: informed consent and the flow of information about injured workers; contested motivations for claims decision-making; and tensions between employers, insurers and treating clinicians.
  • On 19 June 2017 Dr Genevieve Grant presented the findings of the Claims, Advice and Decisions after Injury study to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority of New South Wales in Sydney.

May 2017

  • Becky Batagol made a submission on behalf of the Castan Centre to the Parliamentary inquiry into a better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence, Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs, House of Representatives, Parliament of Australia, 3 May 2017.
  • Dr Becky Batagol presented a faculty work in progress seminar with Dr Adiva Sifris and Associate Professor Brett Williams titled 'Understanding and responding to poor mental health and distress amongst  Monash Law students' at Monash Law on 10 May 2017.
  • On 10 May 2017, ACJI partnered with the Law Students' Society to bring students a lunchtime panel discussion on 'Careers in Legal Tech and Entrepreneurship.' The panel comprised of Eloise Burge (User Experience Designer at Portable), Kate Ashmor (Founder of Ashmor Legal) and Alex Lia (Founder of Lexicon Law).
  • ACJI provided assistance and support to The GENERATOR with organising 'The DELINEATOR: Reimagining Access to Justice', which took place on 12 May 2017. This event provided students with the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for solving access to justice problems and to pitch their proposed solutions to a panel of expert judges, which included Dr Genevieve Grant.
  • Dr Liz Richardson attended the Faculty of Law Graduation Ceremony on 25 May 2017 to receive her Doctor of Philosophy degree which was conferred on 11 January 2017. Her thesis supervisors were Professor Bernadette McSherry and Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg.
  • Dr Becky Batagol became co-convenor of the Monash Law Feminist Legal Studies Group in May, which aims to make a difference to the lives of women through understanding women's subordination & contributing to law reform. The group also has an exciting and active Twitter account and Feminist Podcast series.

April 2017

  • In April 2017, ACJI launched a blog as a platform for sharing articles about new developments in justice innovation and ACJI's latest activities. Visit ACJI Blog to read our latest articles.
  • Dr Liz Richardson presented a paper based on her doctoral thesis entitled 'Envisioning Next Generation Mental Health Courts' at the Second International Conference on Non-Adversarial Justice organised by the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration and held in Sydney 6-8 April 2017.
  • Dr Becky Batagol presented a paper with Professor Rachael Field titled 'Safe and supported: developing a model for mediating family violence cases beyond family law' at the Second International Conference on Non-Adversarial Justice organised by the Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration and held in Sydney 6-8 April 2017.
  • Dr Becky Batagol published on 24 April 2017 a scholarly blog post with Professor Rachael Field, 'Safe and supported: developing a model for mediating family violence cases beyond family law' in the Australian Dispute Resolution Research Network blog. Becky is chief editor of the blog, which aims to make accessible high quality, critical dispute resolution scholarship.

March 2017

  • Dr Liz Richardson presented a keynote address at the Auckland University of Technology Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice Symposium held on 10-14 March 2017 entitled 'Mental Health Courts: Proposing a Model for New Zealand'. There is significant interest in New Zealand currently in developing a mental health court using the problem-oriented court model.
  • On 8 March 2017, ACJI partnered with the Neighbourhood Justice Centre to present a public lecture by Hon Alex M Calabrese, Presiding Judge, Red Hook Community Justice Center, New York, ‘Community Courts: Producing Better Results Internationally Using Procedural Justice, Therapeutic and Problem-Solving Principles’.
  • On 1 March 2017, Dr Genevieve Grant, Dr Liz Richardson and Esther Lestrell participated in an Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research workshop with the Transport Accident Commission in Geelong. Genevieve presented the team’s recent research on problem-solving courts and independent medical evidence.
  • On 1 March 2017, the Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales published a new report by Dr Christine Coumarelos, Dr Genevieve Grant and Zhigang Wei on the community’s experience of personal injury problems in Australia using the LAW Survey data. The report is Personal Injury Problems: New Insights from the Legal Australia-Wide Survey (Justice Issues 22).

February 2017

January 2017

  • Dr Genevieve Grant and colleagues at the University of New South Wales and Griffith University published a chapter in K Barker, K Fairweather and R Grantham, Private Law in the 21st Century(Hart). The chapter is ‘When Lump Sums Run Out: Disputes at the Borderlines of Tort Law, Injury Compensation and Social Security’.