Past Projects

ACJI’s research program includes the following completed projects:

Joint Medical Examination Process Review (A/Prof Genevieve Grant, Dr Beth Kilgour)

Project partner: Transport Accident Commission

Overview:  The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) engaged the Research Team at the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (Faculty of Law, Monash University) to review the Joint Medical Examination (JME) process. The research combined focus groups and interviews with stakeholders (TAC claimants, TAC staff, plaintiff lawyers and medical assessors) with analysis of the related processes, practices and literature to explore the strengths, limitations, problems and barriers inherent in the process and identify opportunities for improvement.

Medium and Longer Term Outcomes of Family Dispute Resolution Services (A/Prof Becky Batagol and A/Prof Genevieve Grant)

Project Partner: Better Place Australia

Overview: This research investigated the outcomes of family dispute resolution (FDR) clients following their engagement with Better Place Australia. The research use analysis of administrative data, a client survey and client interviews to explore whether a range of client characteristics and outcomes impacted on longer term outcomes of FDR. In conducting this research, ACJI provided Better Place Australia with both (1) a range of valuable new insights into the outcomes experienced by clients, and (2) a sustainable platform for the future review and analysis of the effectiveness of services.

Self-Represented Litigants: Environmental Scan (A/Prof Genevieve Grant, Dr E Richardson, A/Prof B Batagol and Dr J Boughey)

Project partner: Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration

Overview:  The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA) commissioned the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI) at Monash University to conduct an Environmental Scan of current research on SRLs in the civil and administrative justice system and court and tribunal responses to SRLs.  The scope of the research included:

  • an up-to-date literature review (incorporating academic and grey literature sources);
  • analysis of leading practices in SRL policy and programs in Australian courts and tribunals; and analysis of online resources provided by key organisations from relevant jurisdictions and policy sectors.

The final report is available here:

The Impacts of Self-Represented Litigants on Civil and Administrative Justice: Environmental Scan of Research, Policy and Practice (2018)

Thriving at Monash Law: The Wellbeing Project (A/Prof Becky Batagol, A/Prof Adiva Sifris, A/Prof Brett Williams and Dr Benjamin Spivak)

Overview: This project explored the mental health and psychological wellbeing profile of Monash law students throughout the teaching semester. It considered the reasons for the mental health and psychological wellbeing profile of Monash law students and whether it could be improved by Faculty-led interventions.

Details of publications arising from this project can be found here and here.

Claims, Advice and Decisions After Injury (A/Prof Genevieve Grant)

Project partner: State Insurance Regulatory Authority of NSW

Overview: The CADI Study investigated the claiming decisions and advice-seeking activity of people injured in road traffic crashes in NSW. Its key components included evidence review and consultation with key informants and interviews with claimants about their claiming decisions and advice-seeking activity.

Legal Innovation in Compensation Systems (A/Prof Genevieve Grant, Dr Liz Richardson and Esther Lestrell)

Project partner: Transport Accident Commission

Overview: This project investigated legal innovations in personal injury compensation systems to inform TAC's development of strategy, policy and interventions. The research focused on such developments as:

  • restorative justice and apology
  • legal technology and online dispute resolution
  • problem-solving approaches
  • innovation in independent medical evidence, and

non-adversarial approaches to dispute resolution and claims management.

Online Dispute Resolution in Legal Education (A/Prof Genevieve Grant and Esther Lestrell)

Project partner: Guided Resolutions

Overview: In partnership with Guided Resolutions, ACJI researchers led the design, implementation and evaluation of an Online Dispute Resolution experiential exercise in litigation and dispute resolution teaching at Monash Law.

Details of the book chapter arising from this research are available here.

WorkCover Western Australia – Conciliation and Arbitration Services Evaluation

Project partner: WorkCover WA

Overview: In 2015-16 WorkCover WA engaged ACJI to examine whether its dispute resolution system was cost effective, timely, fair and accessible. The research involved a literature review, stakeholder focus groups, interviews and data analysis. The final report contains recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the current dispute resolution scheme.

Innovative Approaches to Justice: The NJC Experience Project

Project partner: Neighbourhood Justice Centre

Overview: In 2012-12, the Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC), Australia's first community court, collaborated with ACJI to develop a range of resources for Australian and other judicial officers that contribute to the development of therapeutic and similar effective strategies in courts. Expertly produced, the resources use a range of media to articulate successful elements, principles and practices of the NJC. Access to the short videos, resource materials and 'tip sheets' is available here:

Innovative Approaches to Justice: The NJC Experience Project