Duncan Wallace

Duncan Wallace, PhD Candidate

Duncan Wallace BA PPE (Hons) (University of Manchester) PGD Economics (University of Melbourne) JD (University of Melbourne)

‘Natural Entity Theory: Implications for Corporate Ownership’ (Genevieve Grant/Julian Sempill)

Duncan Wallace’s doctoral research is about the history and philosophy of corporate legal personhood. He is particularly interested in the ‘natural entity’ theory – or ‘organic’ theory – of the corporation, which understands the corporation as a kind of organism. If the corporation is understood as a kind of organism, this will have important implications for the contemporary treatment of corporations as commodities, to be bought and sold on public markets. A commodified agential organism is generally understood as a slave, a status rightly understood as morally objectionable, and the investor-owned corporation appears to meet the conditions of slavery, so understood. Hence, there may be strong moral objections to the commodification of the corporations on anti-slavery grounds. Duncan is interested in exploring this understanding of the investor-owned corporation, especially since objections to the ownership of corporations are rarely, if ever, put in these terms.