Our Approach

ACJI engages and works with industry, government and others in the areas of program design, piloting, monitoring and evaluation of justice system innovation and approaches. It has a broad approach and has considered justice issues from litigant, court, practitioner and stakeholder perspectives.

ACJI also operates a Research Consultancy in the areas of program design, piloting, monitoring and evaluation of court innovations and non-adversarial justice approaches. ACJI has completed consultancies in the areas of:

  • Workers' Compensation Dispute Resolution systems
  • Professional Standards in Complaints Handling
  • Best Practice in Family Dispute Resolution
  • Self Represented Litigants
  • Collaborative Law Workshops
  • Handling High Conflict Behaviours in Legal Disputes
  • Negotiation Skills Training
  • Judicial Dispute Resolution
  • Judicial Education Program Development
  • Developing Restorative Justice Conferencing Models

Recent and Current Projects

ACJI’s research program includes the following recent and current projects:

Dr Becky Batagol and Dr Genevieve Grant, 'Research into Medium and Longer Term Outcomes of the Family Dispute Resolution Services provided by FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria'

Project Partner: FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria.

Overview: The main objective of the research is to investigate the longer term outcomes of FMC family dispute resolution (FDR, or family mediation) clients following their engagement with FMC. The research will consider whether a range of client characteristics and outcomes impact on longer term outcomes of FDR. In conducting this research, we seek to provide FMC with both (1) a range of valuable new insights into the outcomes experienced by FMC clients, and (2) a sustainable platform for the future review and analysis of the effectiveness of FMC’s services. Taking a collaborative approach to the planning and conduct of the research, we will continue to ensure that the research design meets the needs of FMC, and that the quality of the research is as high as possible.

Dr Becky Batagol, Dr Adiva Sifris, Associate Professor Brett Williams and Dr Benjamin Spivak, 'Thriving at Monash Law: The Wellbeing  Project'. 

Research Partner: Faculty of Law, Monash University.

Overview: This project aims to better understand the mental health/ psychological wellbeing profile of Monash law students throughout the teaching semester. It will consider the reasons for the mental health/ psychological wellbeing profile of Monash law students and whether there are any Faculty-led interventions which may improve the mental health/ psychological wellbeing of Monash law students.

Women on Construction Dispute Resolution Boards (DRBs)
Overview: Professor Paula Gerber is researching the lack of gender balance on DRBs. The project involves both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the absence of women from DRBs. It considers the reasons behind the gender imbalance, the impact of it, and how it can be addressed. The project includes empirical investigation of the experience of the handful of women who have served on DRBs in the US and Australia.

Profiling Oppression Proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria

Project partner: Supreme Court of Victoria

Overview: This project uses qualitative and quantitative data from court files at the Supreme Court of Victoria to build an empirical profile of the claims and parties involved in Oppression Remedy proceedings under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Claims, Advice and Decisions After Injury

Project partner: State Insurance Regulatory Authority of NSW

Overview: The CADI Study investigates the claiming decisions and advice-seeking activity of people injured in road traffic crashes in NSW. Its key components include evidence review and consultation with key informants and interviews with claimants about their claiming decisions and advice-seeking activity.

Legal Innovation in Compensation Systems

Project partners: Transport Accident Commission and the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research

Overview: This project investigates legal innovations in personal injury compensation systems to inform TAC's development of strategy, policy and interventions. The research focuses on such developments as:

  • restorative justice and apology
  • legal technology and online dispute resolution
  • problem-solving approaches
  • innovation in independent medical evidence, and
  • non-adversarial approaches to dispute resolution and claims management.

Online Dispute Resolution in Legal Education

Project partner: Guided Resolutions

Overview: In partnership with Guided Resolutions, ACJI researchers led the design, implementation and evaluation of an Online Dispute Resolution experiential exercise in litigation and dispute resolution teaching at Monash Law. All students studying litigation and dispute resolution at Monash Law now have the opportunity to use the Guided Resolutions ODR Portal.

Injuries Resulting from Building Failures

Project partners: Victorian Building Authority and Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit

Overview: This project consists of three components related to explore injuries resulting from structural failures in buildings in Victoria:

  • investigation of hospital-treated injuries (through Emergency Department data analysis)
  • analysis of legal decisions, judgments and findings, and
  • review of research literature on injury claims.

Legal Services Use in Compensation Claims

Project partner: Centre for Research Excellence in Recovery After Road Traffic Injury

Overview: The research being undertaken by ACJI PhD student Clare Scollay’s is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council Centre for Research Excellence. Clare’s work is an empirical investigation of the profile and predictors of claimant legal services use in compensation claims.