Module 1: Introduction

MODULE 1 INTRODUCTION introduces Magistrate David Fanning and the NJC, Australia’s first community justice centre. This Module introduces the foundational concepts that underpin the work of the NJC, including community justice, therapeutic justice, procedural justice, restorative justice and problem-solving and solution-focused approaches to judging. There is also a video featuring both Magistrate Fanning and Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen and a comprehensive Background Materials document with a Resources List to download. 

Video 1 Introduction

Video Introduction
Duration: 6:00 minutes
This video introduces the Project and the NJC. It features Magistrate Fanning and Chief Magistrate Lauritsen.

Publisher: Australian Centre for Justice Innovation

City: Melbourne

Recommended Citation: Australian Centre for Justice Innovation, "Video 1 Introduction" (2013). MODULE 1 INTRODUCTION. Book 1.

Module 1 Background Materials

Download PDF

Description: Introduction

Publisher: Australian Centre for Justice Innovation 

City: Melbourne

Recommended Citation: Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI), "Module 1 Background Materials" (2013). MODULE 1 INTRODUCTION. Book 2.