Finance, investment and taxation

In modern society, the fields of finance, investment and taxation influence most aspects of our personal and family lives, as well as the state of nations and the global community. Well-functioning financial systems and markets are critical to ensure productive economies and to mobilise savings, allocate capital, and manage risk. The health of our financial institutions and financial providers has never been more important. Businesses and governments today commonly access finance on a global basis. They must operate in a world that is increasingly interconnected, complex and potentially volatile. They must also deal with, and respond to, an ever changing regulatory environment. Intersections between financial and investment spheres raise profound issues for the future health of countries and those who live in them. Across the developed world, populations are ageing and government resources are coming under increasing strain. A growing number of people are being called upon to manage their own savings and financial affairs during their working lives and twilight years.

To understand good law across these spheres, we need to understand the real world environments of finance and investment, and we require legal skills that are interdisciplinary and global. The group is working on a range of issues across fields that include banking law, financial markets law, financial services regulation, investment law, superannuation law, taxation law, securities law, venture capital and finance and investment arbitration law.
We have diverse research interests and our publications and advocacy span the globe. Our business and commercial law experience is also truly international. As a group, we have lived and worked across all of the major continents.

We seek to present a substantive voice on issues that matter across finance and investment legal areas. We welcome initiatives and invitations involving collaborative projects, stakeholder consultations, sponsorship arrangements, and consultancies. We also welcome people seeking to engage in quality post graduate research.

Deputy Director



Professor Stephen Barkoczy

Dr Rhys Bollen

Dr Weiping He

Dr Kathryn James

Associate Professor Emmanuel Laryea

Adjunct Professor Rowan Russell

Daphne Tan (PhD Candidate)