Labour law, workforce and work-life regulation group

The Labour Law, Workforce and Work-Life Regulation group works on a broad range of issues in the field of workplace relations law, employment and human resources law, anti-discrimination law, occupational health and safety and work-life regulation and policy.

Projects, research and publications span the contract of employment;  industrial disputes; collective agreements;  unionisation and trade union law; freedom of association; equality of opportunity; workplace/workspace issues; fair work and decent work;  tribunal roles; gender studies; workplace investigations; the electronic workplace; intersections of immigration law and labour law; harmonising workplace safety laws; workers compensation; comparative labour law; international labour law; labour law in sport; business and workplace innovation; employment implications of criminal records; scope of regulation and the use of alternative forms of dispute resolution in workplace conflict.

Members of the Labour Law, Workforce and Work-Life Regulation and Policy group teach a range of specialist units in both the graduate and undergraduate programs of Monash University and are experienced supervisors of postgraduate research degree candidates in their areas of specialisation.

They have links with relevant professional bodies, are editorial board members of journals in the field, and have connections internationally through grant funded research, teaching and publishing projects, including with courses having been taught by leading officials of the International Labor Organisation.

The Labour Law, Workforce and Work-Life Regulation group is an institutional member of the Labour Law Research Network (LLRN).

Deputy Director

Professor Marilyn Pittard


Professor Ann Monotti

Dr Richard Naughton

Dr Eric Windholz