Privacy, media and communication law group

The Privacy, Media and Communications Law Group (PMCL) works on a broad range of issues in the field of privacy and data protection, media law and policy, and communications law. The group's researchers contribute to law reform and public debate through submissions and as advisers to inquiries, through professional conferences and seminars, book and journal publications, as well as media engagements.

Recent projects have included topics such as privacy law reform in Australia and overseas, privacy theory; Australian freedom of information law, defamation, suppression orders, the right to be forgotten, surveillance, big data, young people's right to privacy, regulation of the internet and employer access to criminal records information.

PMCL group members teach a range of specialist units in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Monash University as well as internationally. They are experienced supervisors of postgraduate research projects in their areas of specialisation.

Members of the PMCL group have strong professional links with international partners in Asia, Europe and North America, including through externally funded joint research projects.

Deputy Director

Associate Professor Normann Witzleb

Other Experts

Associate Professor David Lindsay

Professor Moira Paterson

Associate Professor Janice Richardson

Dr Sharon Rodrick