About Us

About us

The Law, Health & Wellbeing Group is a research group within Monash Faculty of Law.

Members of the Group have a diverse range of research interests and expertise within the broad field of socio-legal studies in health.

Specific areas of interest include health and human rights, biotechnology, reproduction, gender and health, mental health, drug and alcohol law and policy, medical negligence, doctor-patient relationships, occupational health and safety, healthcare and the criminal law, injury and disability law and compensation systems.

We publish high-quality research, collaborate on (funded) research collaborations, undertake research-led teaching and run academic and stakeholder events. We have established cross-disciplinary links and collaborations both within and outside Monash University with those working in the fields of science and biomedicine, bioethics, sociology, anthropology, psychology and health economics.

The Group publishes regularly on a range of topics relevant to health law and regulation. A full list of publications can be obtained from the web pages for individual members of the group (see Our Members).