Ms Sara Kowal

I am the Clinical Supervisor of the Anti-Death Penalty Clinic. Since 2003, I have been a practising criminal lawyer working primarily in the defence of complex prosecutions including major drug matters, large frauds, homicides, violence and sexual assaults. I am a Senior Associate at Galbally Rolfe Barristers and Solicitors. I am also the Vice-President of Reprieve Australia, an NGO that focuses exclusively on the abolition of the death penalty.

In June 2018, I completed a Masters of Public Policy and Management at Melbourne University.

In July 2018, Monash University and Reprieve Australia launched the Anti-Death Penalty Clinic in its pilot phase,​ ​as part of the Monash University Faculty of Law’s Clinical Placement Program. Students who took part in the clinical program were linked with legal and NGO partner bodies, in Asia and the United States. Students had the opportunity to work on real cases with real outcomes, as well as assisting partner bodies with their local advocacy campaigns. It is anticipated that the Clinic will resume ongoing in March 2019.

The Anti-Death Penalty Clinic intends to pursue innovative research in areas such as deterrence, access to justice, and public attitudes to the death penalty. Research of this kind is necessary for lawyers and advocates working in the Asia-Pacific to advocate effectively and ensure that decision-makers have the tools that they need to make evidence-based decisions.