HDR Advisory Panel for Empirical Research

Law students whose thesis involves humans, ie. interview, questionnaire or survey, must obtain approval from the Monash University Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving Humans (SCERH) prior to the commencement of your research. Guidelines and other details are available from the University Research Office - Human Ethics website.

Applications for Human Ethics are now submitted online in the new Infonetica Ethics Review Manager (ERM) via www.monash.edu/myresearch

Support material for Human Ethics can be found on the myResearch website. Please refer to the Create an ethics application Quick Reference Guide for instructions on how to create an ethics application.

The Faculty has established an advisory panel to assist Law students undertaking empirical research. Members of this advisory panel have experience as a member of the SCERH and/or as a researcher conducting empirical research.  They are able to assist students and their supervisors in the initial stages of the design of their empirical research.

Human Ethics application for Law students will be assigned to a member of the Advisory Panel for review.  Information about this process is available when you start your online application. You will be advised by email from a member of the Advisory Panel when the review is completed and you are able to incorporate changes arising from this review process to your online application directly.

Members of the advisory panel are:

Dr Genevieve Grant
email: Genevieve.Grant@monash.edu

Professor Moira Paterson
email: Moira.Paterson@monash.edu

Dr Becky Batagol
email: Becky.Batagol@monash.edu

Dr Kate Seear
email: Kate.Seear@monash.edu

Dr Katie O'Bryan
email: Katie.Obryan@monash.edu