2006 Research Publications Report

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Staff and student publications

Books (authored)*

Crock, M. E., Saul, B., Dastyari, A. Future Seekers II: Refugees and Irregular Migration in Australia. The Federation Press, Sydney NSW (2006)

Freckelton, I. R., Ranson, D. L. Death Investigation and the Coroner's Inquest. Oxford University Press, South Melbourne Australia (2006)

Taylor, G. The Constitution of Victoria The Federation Press, Leichardt NSW (2006)

Taylor, G. Characterisation in Federations: Six Countries Compared Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg Germany (2006)

Books (other) -  editorship, revision or new edition

Barkoczy, S. L, Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide. CCH Australia Limited. Sydney Australia (2006)

Duns, J.C., Davison, M.J., Beaton-Wells, C., Competition Law: Cases & Materials. 2nd Edition. LexisNexis Butterworths. Chatswood NSW. (2006)

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Williams, C. R, Waight, P. K, Evidence: Commentary and Materials 7th Edition. Lawbook Co.. Sydney NSW (2006)


Book chapters*  

Bennett, B., Freckelton, I.R. ‘Life after the Ipp Reforms: Medical Negligence Law’ in Kate Diesfield and Ian Freckelton (Eds.) Disputes and Dilemmas in Health Law. The Federation Press, Leichhardt NSW, (2006) 381-405

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Freckelton, I.R. ‘Mental Health and Therapeutic Jurisprudence’ in Kate Diesfield and Ian Freckelton (Eds.) Disputes and Dilemmas in Health Law. The Federation Press, Leichhardt NSW, (2006) 91-116

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Goldsworthy, J.D. ‘Trethowan's Case’ In George Winterton State Constitutional Landmarks. The Federation Press, Sydney NSW, (2006) 98-128     

Goldsworthy, J.D. ‘Australia: Devotion to Legalism’ In Jeffrey Goldsworthy Interpreting Constitutions: A Comparative Study. Oxford University Press, Oxford England, (2006) 106-160

Goldsworthy, J.D. ‘Questioning the migration of constitutional ideas: rights, constitutionalism and the limits of convergence’ In      Sujit Choudhry The Migration of Constitutional Ideas. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK (2006) 115-141

Goldsworthy, J.D. ‘Conclusions’ In Jeffrey Goldsworthy Interpreting Constitutions: A Comparative Study. Oxford University Press, Oxford England, (2006) 321-345

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Howe, J., Johnstone, R. and Mitchell, R. ‘Constituting and regulating the labour market for social and economic purposes’            In Christopher Arup et. al. Labour Law and Labour Market Regulation. The Federation Press, Sydney, NSW, Australia, (2006) 307-321

Iacovino, L., Paterson, M. R-P. and Mendelson, D. ‘Privacy issues, HealthConnect and beyond’ In Ian Freckelton and Kerry Peterson Disputes and Dilemmas in Health Law. The Federation Press, Leichardt NSW Australia, (2006) 604-621

Joseph, S.L. ‘The Appropriate Role of Corporations in Fostering Development and Combating Poverty’ In C Raj Kumar and DK Srivastava (Eds.) Human Rights and Development: Law, Policy and Governance. LexisNexis, Hong Kong (2006) 189-200

Kneebone, S.Y. ‘Is the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal 'Institutionally' Biased?’ In Francois Crepeau et. al. (Eds.) Forced Migration and Global Processes: A View from Forced Migration Studies. Lexington Books, Lanham, MD, USA, (2006) 237-262

Lee, H.P. ‘The Kable Case: A Guard-Dog that Barked But Once?’ In George Winterton State Constitutional Landmarks The Federation Press, Sydney, NSW, (2006) 390-415

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Wheelwright, K.L. ‘Protecting and Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises: A Role for Labour Law in the New Labour Law Era?’ In Christopher Arup, et.al. (Eds.) Labour Law and Labour Market Regulation. The Federation Press, Sydney, NSW (2006) 86-104


Book chapters (other)

Alexander, R., ‘Domestic Violence’. In K Harper (Ed.) The Law Handbook. Fitzroy Legal Service, Fitzroy Victoria, (2006) 223-229

Journal articles (fully refereed)*

Baquerot, E., Bryant, T.L and Jessup B.S. ‘The Implementation of International Environmental Treaties in Vietnam’ (2006) 2() The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability 1-23

Barkehall-Thomas, S. ‘Tracing, Restitution and Innocent Donees: Who Wants to be a Volunteer Anyway?’ (2006) 18(2) Bond Law Review 47-76

Barkoczy, S. ‘Caveat Emptor - Share Acquisitions in Australian Consolidated Groups’ (2006) 60(4) Bulletin for International Taxation 150-156

+ Bober, A. ‘Passing it on: Should health care professionals be permitted to disclose patients' genetic information to their reproductive partners ?’ (2006) 14(2) Journal of Law and Medicine 262-281

Blycha, N. and Duns, J.C. ‘Tying, bundling, loyalty rebates and exclusive dealing in US antitrust: What can Australia learn?’ (2006) 14(1) Trade Practices Law Journal 26-42

+ Bowman, D.M., Gilligan, G.P. ‘Collar Colour?’ (2006) 2(1) Monash Business Review 30-33

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Gerber, P. ‘Construction law and human rights: Building a bridge between two disciplines’ (2006) 80(8) Law Institute Journal 48-5

Gerber, P. ‘Human rights reform in the United Nations: The good, the bad and the ugly’ (2006) 31(2) Alternative Law Journal 88-92

+ Giblin-Chen, R.K., Davison, M.J. ‘Kazaa goes the way of Grokster? Authorisation of copyright infringement via peer-to-peer networks in Australia’ (2006) 17(1) Australian Intellectual Property Journal 53-76

Glover, J.S., Von Nessen, P. ‘Unintended consequences: International accounting standards, public unit trusts and the rule against perpetuities’ (2006) 80(10) The Australian Law Journal 675-693

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Groves, M.N. and Campbell, E.M. ‘Correspondence with Members of Parliament’ (2006) 11(3) Media & Arts Law Review 227-251

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Groves, M.N. ‘Families, funerals and the law’ (2006) 80(1 & 2) Law Institute Journal 54-57

Hall, K. and + Le Mire, S.M. ‘A company ID: Independent directors and the power groups that try to influence them’ (2006) 2(3) Monash Business Review 14-16

Hodge, G.A. ‘Public Private Partnerships and Legitimacy’ (2006) 12(2) The University of New South Wales Law Journal 43-48

Hodge, G.A., + Bowman, D.M. ‘Nanotechnology: Mapping the wild regulatory frontier’ (2006) 38(9) Futures 1060-1073

+ Jaworski, A. ‘Legislative Incentives for Inventive Employees’ (2006) 13(2) eLaw Journal 125-139

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Joseph, S.L. ‘United Nations Human rights Committee: Recent Cases’ (2006) 6(2) Human Rights Law Review  361-377

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Journal articles (others)

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Letter or note

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Conference publications (fully refereed)*

Becker, J.M., Nair, C.S., Webster, L. ‘Evaluating to improve: The Law Faculty Experience’, Evaluation Forum 2006: Evaluating to improve the student experience, Perth WA, 28-29 November 2006. Learning Support Network, Curtin University of Technology (2006) 1-10    

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Conference publications (other) and public presentations

Batagol, B. ‘Learning from Research – Suggestions for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners in the New Family Law System’, National Mediation Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, May 2006

Batagol, B. Chair and commentator at session, Feminist Family Law Workshop, University of Melbourne, 25 February 2006

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Ludlow, K., ‘Legal Liability Concerns for Highway Authorities’ as part of the Road Safety Audit Course, Sydney, 1 May 2006

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