Vice-Chancellors Commendation for Masters Thesis Excellence

Noel Villaroman is currently a PhD candidate at Monash Law School. He completed his Master of Laws Noel Villaroman (Research) from Monash in 2010. His thesis was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Commendation for Masters Thesis Excellence.

Having written a thesis on the foreign debt problem of poor countries, Noel's 'expert capacity' was recognised by the UN Independent Expert on the effects of foreign debt to the enjoyment of human rights, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). He was invited to present a paper during the consultation on the Draft Guidelines on Foreign Debt and Human Rights held in Doha, Qatar on 31 January - 1 February 2011.  Noel was invited again by the OHCHR to the final expert meeting in Geneva during 17-18 November 2011 to review and finalise the Draft Guidelines on Foreign Debt and Human Rights. 

Noel has published articles in international refereed journals including the Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, Journal of Human Rights, Journal of Politics and Law and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Law Journal. He has also authored 'Laws and Jurisprudence on Graft and Corruption, 3rd edition' (CentralBooks: Quezon City, Philippines, 2010), a commentary on the anti-corruption laws of the Philippines.  His publications may be viewed at