Aaron Timoshanko

Monash Law PhD student Aaron Timoshando

What were you doing before you started your research degree with Monash Law School?

I worked as a commercial solicitor. I also founded and managed an ethical pet adoption website.

What is your current research based on?

My research is in the emerging field of animal law, which reflects my longstanding passion in the interests and needs of animals.

What made you decide to choose Monash Law School for your research degree?

Monash has an outstanding reputation, both interstate and overseas. In addition, the diverse research interests of the academic staff in Monash Law School has allowed me to pursue my thesis topic in a developing area of jurisprudence. Due to the niche nature of my thesis topic, other universities were not able to offer the required support and expertise.

What is the best aspect of studying at Monash Law School?

As an external candidate, the support, flexibility and accessibility offered by my supervisors has been tremendously valuable. I am also able to easily access Monash's vast library resources for my research.

How has studying at Monash Law School benefited you professionally and personally?

My research, writing and legal analysis skills have greatly improved through the course of candidature. Moreover, my supervisors have adopted a mentoring role, which will help me to achieve my professional goals upon completion of my PhD.

What are your plans after you complete your study with Monash Law?

To share my passion for the protection of animals, and the law more broadly, by becoming an academic and teaching at university.

List any personal achievements you have made through your studies at Monash Law School.

My study at Monash Law School has enhanced my contribution to organisations that I assist, including the South Australian Law Society's Animal Law Committee and the Barrister's Animal Welfare Panel. Undertaking a PhD through Monash Law School has also developed my reputation in my field of interest, which is demonstrated by the invitations I have received to speak at conferences and events.

What advice would you give someone considering embarking on a research degree with Monash Law School? 

Be proactive! Contact prospective supervisors to discuss potential thesis topics before submitting your application. Your initiative from the very beginning will be a valuable asset in the completion of your research degree.