Amber Tan

Monash Law PhD student Amber Tan

What were you doing before you started your research degree with Monash Law School?

I had completed my Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at King's College London and was in private practice as a commercial litigator in Malaysia. Having recently moved to Melbourne as an overseas practitioner I was in the process of getting admitted to the Victorian Bar before deciding to start on the PhD.

What is your current research based on?

The new national security laws introduced as part of the current government's "Transformation Plan" in Malaysia and their impact on constitutionalism and the rule of law. I am also looking at similar legislation in other commonwealth jurisdictions such as Australia and the UK as part of my research in order to argue for further reforms that are consistent with constitutional rights and civil liberties.

What made you decide to choose Monash Law School for your research degree?

I chose Monash because I knew I would be able to work with some of the best and leading academics in this field.

What is the best aspect of studying at Monash Law School?

The expert guidance and supervision by leading commentators in the field, the support system for HDR students, the vast range of resources as well as the flexible course structure.

How has studying at Monash Law School benefited you professionally and personally?

It has given me an opportunity to research on a topic that I am passionate about and helped me develop new and different skills. Meeting my fellow PhD colleagues and other senior academics who share the same interests has also been great.

What are your plans after you complete your study with Monash Law?

Embark on both an academic career while continuing with private practice - hopefully I can get the best of both worlds!

List any personal achievements you have made through your studies at Monash Law School.

Having only just started, I am in still in the preliminary stages of research. Although tutoring has been a rewarding experience.

Please tell me one piece of advice you have for anyone considering embarking on a research degree with Monash Law School.

Monash Law School offers great support and excellent opportunities that will be invaluable to anyone thinking of doing a research degree with Monash. So long as you have a clear and viable area of research, Monash Law School will help make it possible.