Research degree theses in progress

This page provides information on the theses currently undertaken by enrolled research students in the Faculty of Law. The topics of these theses are grouped by research areas.

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Commercial and Contract Law

A comparative study of the doctrine of anticipatory non-performance, with specific focus on UAE Laws Dr Lisa Spagnolo and A/Prof Emmanuel Laryea

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Constitutional Law

Balancing religious constitutionalism:  Islamic law and the constitutional rights in Indonesia Dr Nadir Hosen and A/Prof  Patrick Emerton
Interpretive provisions under Statutory Bills of Rights in Australia, the principle of legality and the presumption of consistency: Comparisons, contrasts and interrelationships A/Prof Julie Debeljak and Prof Jeff Goldsworthy
Constitutionalization and Judicial Capacity in Common Law AsiaA/Prof  Patrick Emerton, Prof HP Lee and Prof Po Jen Yap (HKG Chinese University)
The moral origins of representative government in Australia  A/Prof  Patrick Emerton  and A/Prof Luke Beck

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Corporation Law, Taxation Law, Competition Law, Financial Regulations

A holistic view of emission trading scheme (ETS) in China: Challenges and solutions Prof Stephen Barkoczy and A/Prof  Gerry Nagtzaam
A comparative study of the law concerning  the ratification of director breaches by shareholders  A/Prof Normann Witzleb and Dr Adefolake Adeyeye
Government venture capital incentives around the world:  A technical analysis of international venture Prof Stephen Barkoczy and Prof Bryan Horrigan
Shareholder litigation and the statutory derivative action A/Porf Normann Witzleb and Dr Adefolake Adeyeye
What role does the corporate governance principle of independence play on Directors' duties? Prof Daniel Fitzpatrick  and Dr Adefolake Adeyeye
The impact of Future of Financial Advice reforms on the quality of financial product advice in Australia: a case study of how financial planner have responded to the new requirement to 'know your product in section 961B(2)(e) of the Corporations Act Prof Ann Monotti and Dr Weiping He
Exploring avenues for an effective access to remedies for victims of business-related human rights abuses (BRHRA) in the Association of Southeast ASEAN Nations Prof Daniel Fitzpatrick and A/Prof Emmanuel Laryea 
Are supervisors liable for failure of deposit taking institutions? Dr Weiping He  and Dr Steve Kourabas
International Bank Insolvency: An Urgent need for an International and Regulatory Framework Dr Weiping He  and  A/Prof Emmanuel Laryea
The Volcker-Vickers Solution: An Elixir for the Safety of the Financial System?Prof Stephen Barkoczy and Dr Steve Kourabas

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Criminal Law, Sentencing

Criminal profiling before the courts Prof Jonathan Clough and Dr Stephen Gray
Jury Directions: a new focus for improving criminal laws and ensuring fair trials Prof Jonathan Clough and  A/Prof Jacqui Horan
Rights, autonomy and pregnancy

A/Prof Janice Richardson and Prof Bronwyn Naylor (external)

Caught in the cross-fire in the war on drugs: foreign nationals, sentencing and human rightsProf Arie Freiberg and A/Prof Heli Askola
A critical comparative examination of youth justice conferencing programs in Victoria, NSW, SA & NT A/Prof Paula Gerber and Dr Stephen Gray

Sufficiently serious behaviour - when should cyberbullying by young people be criminal?

Prof Jonathan Clough and A/Prof  Normann Witzleb
Addiction and the Law: How Addiction Features in the Criminal LawA/Prof Kate Seear, Dr Jamie Walvisch and Dr Claire Spivakovsky (Arts Faculty)

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Dispute Resolution

(including Litigation, Adjudication, Arbitrations and International Arbitrations)

The impacts of instituionalizaion of mediation: The changing faces of the Victorian  mediator

A/Prof Becky Batagol, Prof Jeff Giddings and Prof John Zeleznikow (external))

Confidentiality in International Arbitrations: Is it an inherent attribute of international arbitration and, if so, how far does it extend? Dr Lisa Spagnolo  and Dr Caroline Henckels

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Environmental Law and Natural Resources

A Global Imperative: The Need for New International Conventions and Institutions governing Oceanic Phytoplankton and Climate Change A/Prof Gerry Nagtzaam 
A holistic view of emission trading scheme (ETS) in China: Challenges and solutions

Prof Stephen Barkoczy and A/Prof  Gerry Nagtzaam

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Family Law

Weeding and Tilling the Sissinghurst Gardens:  an evaluation of the distribution of property pursuant the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) A/Prof Adiva Sifris and Dr Renata Alexander

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Health Law

Medical treatment decision making for the seriously ill: Clinical realities, ethics and the law A/Prof Genevieve Grant and Prof Anne-Maree Farrell (external)   
Problem Solving after Death: Designing Processes to assist Families in Coronial InvestigationsProf Paula Gerber and Prof Anne-Maree Farrell (external)

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Human Rights

(including refugee law, forced migration, labour migration, human trafficking, indigenous rights)

An analysis of the application of women's rights within Persian courtship rituals Prof Paula Gerber and Prof Jacqueline True (Arts Faculty)
Questions of fact and degree: a study of slavery and people trafficking prosecutions in Australia Dr Stephen Gray,  Prof Jean Allain, and Dr Azadeh Dastyari
The Koori Court of Victoria: An answer to cultural and language disadvange for indigenous offenders in the criminal justice system? A/Prof Melissa Castan and Prof Kathryn Burridge (Arts Faculty)
A rule of law model for protection status determination by the Refugee Review Tribunal

Dr Maria O'Sullivan and Prof Susan Kneebone (external)

The Right To Seek Asylum In An Age Of Extra-Territorialisation: The Legality of Australia's Deterrence and Disruption Activities Beyong Its Borders Dr Azadeh Dastyari, Dr Maria O'Sullivan and Dr Antje Missbach (Arts Faculty)
Taking racial vilification seriously: a proposed new regulatory framework Dr Colin Campbell and A/Prof  Patrick Emerton
Enforcing Indigenous Rights: international law mechanisms and the right to life with dignity Dr Richard JoyceA/Prof Melissa Castan and Dr Katie O'Bryan
Human Rights, Gender, and Development - A Rights-Based Approach to Examining the Asian Development BankProf Sarah Joseph and A/Prof Heli Askola
Child-protective rationales as an illegitimate justification for restricting LGBT advocacyProf Paula Gerber and Dr Tania Penovic

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Intellectual Property Law

Big Data: Opportunities, Risks and Regulation Prof Moira Paterson and Prof Casanovas Pompeu (external)
Back to the Start: Re-Envisioning the Role of Reversion in Australia's Copyright RegimeA/Prof Rebecca Giblin, Prof Mark Davison and Prof Martin Kretschmer (external)
Rethinking Public Lending RightsA/Prof Rebecca Giblin and Prof Kimberlee Weatherall (external)

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International Law

(including international criminal law and justice, international humanitarian law, international trade law, conflict of laws/private international law)

The contribution of non-governmental organisations to the creation of international treaty law Dr Joanna Kyriakakis and A/Prof Julie Debeljak
Between Myopia and Utopia: the applicability of transitional justice to Israel/Palestine Prof Sarah Joseph and Dr Joanna Kyriakakis
The liability of ship owners under the current international regulatory regime for harm caused by exposure to asbestos during ship recycling A/Prof Gerry Nagtzaam and Prof Douglas Guilfoyle (external)
Faustian Bargain Hunting: How Legitimising Nation-States through Othering Stateless Persons Denies the Universality of Human Rights Dr Richard Joyce and Prof Douglas Guilfoyle (external)
Enforcing Indigenous Rights: international law mechanisms and the right to life with dignity Dr Richard JoyceA/Prof Melissa Castan and Dr Katie O'Bryan

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Investment Law

Land Grabbing, Sustainable Development and Foreign Investment: Nigeria as a Case Study Dr Emmanuel Laryea and Dr Gerry Nagtzaam
From "Investor" through "Host State" to "Host People's" Legitimate Expectations?  

Dr Emmanuel Laryea and Dr Caroline Henckels

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ADR in clinical legal education setting A/Prof Kate Seear and A/Prof Ross Hyams
Clear legal writing education.
An examination of how well Australian tertiary legal writing education develops law students’ ability to write clearly
A/Prof  Becky Batagol and Prof Jeff Giddings
Clinic effects in theory and practice A/Prof Kate Seear, Prof Jeff Giddings and A/Prof Ross Hyams

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Contributions of Irish lawyers to the law and its practice in nineteenth century Australia Prof Jeff Goldsworthy and A/Prof Seamus O'Hanlon (Arts Faculty)
Theorising collective resistance A/Prof  Patrick Emerton and Prof Toby Handfield (Arts Faculty)
The western legal response to sorcery in colonial Papua New Guinea A/Prof Melissa Castan and Dr Stephen Gray
An investigation of the nature of the legal relationship between shareholders and the corporation, and the extent this relationship is comparable - legally and morally - to the relationship between a master and a slaveA/Prof  Patrick Emerton and Dr Julian Sempil (external)

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Private Law, Equity, Civil Procedures

The role and importance of Parens Patriae principles in the superior Civil Courts of Australia  Dr Susan Barkehall-Thomas  and A/Prof Patrick Emerton
Nature of metadata and the implications of metadata retention scheme on privacyProf Moira Paterson and Prof Jonathan Clough

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Regulatory Studies

Regulatory responses to address climate change risks: an assessment Prof Graeme Hodge and Prof Arie Freiberg
Regulatory Models for Frontier Securities Markets: Role of the Stock Exchange Prof Graeme Hodge and A/Prof Emmanuel Laryea
Administrative Law and Public-Private Partnerships: A Comparative Analysis of India and the UK (to change for Santanu)Prof Moira Paterson and Dr Colin Campbell
Taking racial vilification seriously: a proposed new regulatory framework Dr Colin Campbell and A/Prof Patrick Emerton
Public Private Partnerships: Policies, Politics and Practices Prof Graeme Hodge and  A/Prof Paul Strangio (Arts Faculty) 
Legal Services Use in Road Traffic Injury Compensation Claims A/Prof Genevieve GrantA/Prof  Becky Batagol, A/Prof Janneke Berecki-Gisolf (Monash University Accident Research Centre)  and Prof Luke Connelly (external)
Regulation of equity crowdfunding in Australia: Lessons to be learned from bookbuilding and secondary markets for traditional securities Prof Ann Monotti and Prof Mark Davison
The interface between infrastructure  regulation, funding and procurement: What can public utility regulation and long term infrastructure contracts learn from each other? Prof Graeme Hodge and Dr Eric Windholz

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