Reports and publications


Below are reports from ARC project 'Delivering Effective Protection to Victims and Prevention of Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region'.


Special Edition of papers from the International Journal of Human Rights Workshop in November with the Refugee Law Initiative.  The theme of that Workshop was Comparative regional protection frameworks for refugees:  Norms and norm entrepreneurs

  • 'ASEAN, The Bali Process and the role of the UNCHR in building Refugee Protection in Southeast Asia'
  • 'Networks and Partnerships on the Protection of Refugees: Building the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network'
  • 'The ethics of burden-sharing through resettlement programs: the case of Australia in the Asia-Pacific region'
  • 'The development of the Asia Refugee Legal Aid Network'
  • 'The role of the UNHCR and NGOs in refugees protection in the Middle East: the good, the bad and the ugly'
  • Refugee protection and responsibility sharing in Latin America: the solidarity programmes and the Mexico Plan of Action (MPA)