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Claiming Care & Injury Compensation Seminar
Monday 23 November 2015
Monash University Law Chambers, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Time8.30am - 4.30pm
CostComplimentary event
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Past events

Translational Bodies: Ethical Legal and Social Issues
Monash University Prato Centre, 22-24 April 2014

Associate Professor Farrell was lead organiser for a three-day conference run under the auspices of the Welcome Strategic Programme The Human Body: Its Scope Limits and Future which is based at the University of Manchester, UK. For further details about the project, see under the Linked Projects Tab. Associate Professor Farrell is a Chief Investigator on the Project. The aim of the conference was to bring together international leading researchers to examine ethical, legal and social issues involving the Human Body and its Parts, as well as to reflect upon the findings from the research conducted under the various strands of the Programme to date.

A number of journal special issues are planned as outputs from the conference. A selection of law and sociology papers will appear in a journal special issue Translational Bodies: The Socio-Legal Contours of Human Tissue in Transition in the Twenty-First Century, which will appear in Law Innovation and Technology in 2015. A selection of bioethics and policy papers will also appear in a journal special issue in Healthcare Analysis in 2015.

Health Technoscience and the Human Body Research Workshop
Monash University Law Chambers, 26 February 2014

A one-day interdisciplinary workshop was held at Monash University Law Chambers on 26 February 2014. The workshop brought together academics from a range of disciplines including law, sociology, bioethics and anthropology to examine the relationship between health, technology, science and human tissue. Participants presented on their current research projects, as well as findings from recently conducted empirical and normative research.

The aim is to hold this research workshop on an annual basis in order to foster cross-disciplinary research networks on ethical legal and social issues relating to the human body and its parts.

Nudging for Better Health
Monash University Law Chambers, 17 February 2014

A one-day conference on Nudging for Better Health was held at Monash University Law Chambers, on 17 February 2014. It presented a range of disciplinary and stakeholder perspectives and attracted over 160 attendees.

Synopsis: There is growing enthusiasm in government policy circles for promoting strategies designed to encourage and enable individuals to lead healthier lives. Such strategies draw on behavioural research showing individuals do not always act rationally and are susceptible to a range of influences which impact on the decisions they make. The research suggests that people can be nudged towards making decisions which are better for their health but in such a way that it does not unduly restrict their liberty or freedom to act. The conference brought together an interdisciplinary group of scholars and commentators to explore the use of nudge strategies to incentivise better health. Recent developments in relation to the use of such strategies in Australia, NZ, the UK and Europe were examined, as were case studies in specific areas impacting upon individual and collective health and wellbeing.