Our projects

Current projects

Title Addiction in the Australian legal system: A sociological analysis
Funder Australian Research Council
Grant Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA)
Dates 2016-2018
Amount $323,088 (indicative)
Chief Investigator(s) Dr Kate Seear
Summary This project is designed to analyse and compare legal approaches to addiction to alcohol and other drugs (AOD), identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Harms associated with AOD cost Australia over $25 billion per year. The law plays a central role in managing these harms. Yet legal responses to AOD and the key concept of 'addiction' are often inconsistent. These variations have unintended and often adverse economic, social and health implications. The expected project outcomes will inform new, more productive approaches to AOD-related harms in Australian law, contributing to improved economic, social and health outcomes.
Title The Claims, Advice and Decisions after Injury (CADI) Study
Funder Motor Accidents Authority of New South Wales
Grant Injury Management Grants Program
Dates 2014-2016
Amount $94,000
Chief Investigator(s) Dr Genevieve Grant

The CADI Study investigates the claiming decisions and advice-seeing activity of people injured in motor accidents in NSW. CADI is sub-study of the Factors Influencing Social and Health Outcomes after Land Transport Injury Study (the FISH Study). The components of CADI include

  • consultation with key informants in the NSW motor accident compensation environment
  • analysis of data from the baseline and 6-month follow-up surveys of the FISH Study, and
  • interviews with participants in the FISH Study cohort with varying experiences of claim pathways and processes.

CADI will provide the MAA with evidence to inform the development and evaluation of policy options in the motor accidents scheme. It will achieve this by

  • shedding light on the early claim-related decisions and behaviour of persons injured in motor accidents in NSW
  • identifying barriers to and facilitators of CTP claims, and supporting the legal and policy analysis associated with the broader FISH Study.

Recently completed projects

Title The Health Effects of Compensation Systems (HECS) Study
Funder Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research, Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria
Grant Research Grant
Dates 2011-2013
Amount $439,126.00 
Chief Investigator(s) Dr Genevieve Grant, Prof David Studdert, A/Prof Meaghan O'Donnell, Dr Matt Spittal (University of Melbourne),

The HECS Study investigated the claiming experiences of a sample of transport accident and workers' compensation claimants, and the relationship between those experiences and claimants' long-term health outcomes. The study sample was drawn from a prospective cohort study of 1010 patients hospitalised for injuries in 2004-06 in three Australian states (Vic, SA and NSW).