Academic integrity and teamwork

It is important to maintain academic integrity while working on a teamwork project. The same rules of academic integrity apply to any work produced as a team in a teamwork project as when completing an individual assessment.

Here are 3 key points you need to remember:

  • make sure that all the work you create is your own original
  • provide credit where you have drawn on, or referred to others’ work
  • support your team members so they can uphold academic integrity.

You should also check your assessment task instructions to identify whether your team is being assessed individually and/or collectively. That is, will each group member receive their own, individual grade, or will every member of the group receive the same grade? If necessary, seek clarification from your lecturer/tutor.


Collusion is often raised as a point of concern when collaborating with others. It refers to:

students working on an individual assignment together and then each submitting a copy of that work as their individual assignment.

This collaboration in teamwork assignments, though, is not considered collusion if the group will be assessed collectively. However, you should still keep clear records of which team member has produced which content.

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