How to avoid unintentional breaches of academic integrity

For some students, breaches of academic integrity are not made because they want to do the wrong thing, but because students are not fully aware of the right things to do. This means the action is unintentional. However, even an unintentional breach of academic integrity will result in a penalty.

For others, there is a deliberate intent to cheat but it is often driven by other factors such as a lack of motivation or academic confidence, or experiencing too much pressure to succeed.

What are the main reasons why students breach academic integrity?

  1. Pressure to succeed/maintain top grades with a heavy workload.
  2. Lack of understanding of referencing.
  3. Cultural differences/misunderstanding of academic integrity.
  4. Lack of understanding of the subject material.
  5. Fear of failing.
  6. Procrastination or poor time management.
  7. Disinterest in the assignment.
  8. An easy way to make a bit of money.
  9. Belief they will not get caught.
  10. Confusion about what constitutes plagiarism or current university policies.
  11. Poor proficiency in the language of instruction.

What are some solutions to address pressures to breach academic integrity?

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