IT: Report

What is an IT report?

The purpose of reports is to aid decision making and problem solving, and therefore they are usually more problem and action oriented than essays.

While reports vary in the type of information they present (for example, original research, the results of an investigative study, or the solution to a design problem), all share similar features and are based on a similar format and general structure. They are clearly signposted with headings and sub-headings, and designed in a way that reflects that the information may not be read in order from start to finish.

Report writing is a common requirement both in the faculty of Information Technology and in the workplace as an IT professional. Developing the skills to produce a clear, concise, and professionally presented report will assist you in succeeding both at university and in your future career.

IT report structure

Most reports have a similar structure and include

  • an introductory section to orient your reader to the aims and purpose of the report
  • a body section where the issue is discussed and analysed, and
  • a concluding section which sums of the meaning and implications of the body section.

These main sections are further divided into subsections. Click on the accordions below to explore each section in detail.