Presenting effectively

Displaying your finished poster is not the last step in the communication process. Often, you will share your poster with an audience in a poster presentation session (either in person or online).

Your poster and your presentation go together. The verbal content of your presentation and the information on the poster should complement each other. Consider which information will be best communicated visually and verbally. You should know the poster content well enough that you only need to look at it briefly to indicate a feature of interest. Practising your presentation in front of your poster is often the best preparation.

A typical in-person poster presentation session requires you to stand beside your poster and answer questions from a few viewers at a time. Viewers will have many posters to choose from in a limited time, so you need to:

  • attract the audience's attention
  • communicate your research in a concise, engaging way
  • be responsive to questions
  • consider and prepare your presentation approach beforehand (see examples below).


Check your task instructions, as they may include:

  • specific instructions for printing the poster
  • details about the format of the poster session
  • details about the expected length and content of your presentation.

Seek clarification as needed.