Summary of learning points:

  • Make sure that you understand the assignment instructions and follow them carefully.
  • The terminology of case note assignments varies, but they will usually include a summary of the case and a critical analysis.
  • Not all case notes have to be structured in the same way. Read widely and choose a structure suitable for your assignment.
  • Effective research strategies will help you find the preferred version of your case (i.e. an authorised version if available), and relevant sources to inform your understanding, analysis and possible recommendations.
  • Identify the important elements of a case for more effective reading.
  • Analyse the impact of a case by considering it in light of related cases, legislation and scholarly sources.
  • Develop good writing and citation techniques to construct a great assignment.


The purpose of this resource is to demonstrate how an average student paper could be improved. DO NOT use the example paper as a model for your own assignment.

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