Inter-Faculty Transformation Grant (IFTG) Scheme 2021

The Inter-Faculty Transformation Grant scheme supports and champions projects that have the capacity to result in impactful change in education across more than one Faculty. These education grants are designed to facilitate meaningful and ground-breaking forms of collaboration within and across Faculties. Their outcomes should be designed to contribute something new to educational practice within Faculties and across the University. 

Grants will be funded at a minimum funding level of $20,000 to a maximum of $50,000 each.


The main goals for this scheme are to:

  • support innovation in teaching and learning across the University;
  • engage Monash staff in new ideas and approaches based on evidence-based educational investigation;
  • encourage cross-Faculty, cross-disciplinary and inter-staff collaboration project bids (academic and professional) that will have cross-Faculty impact;
  • ensure transferability and scalability of outcomes, i.e. programs which directly or indirectly benefit student learning within the Faculties involved and transfer the innovation across disciplines and settings.


  1. The funding request may be accepted, rejected outright, or may involve some renegotiation to explore prospects and problems associated with the idea. These may include (but are not limited to) requests by the Academy for the project team to factor in alternative perspectives, consideration for e-Solutions expertise, to consider other collaborations or recalibration of the project’s scope in order to extend the innovative potential and communicability of the project.
  2. All proposals must involve collaboration between at least two Faculties.
  3. The application process is open to all Monash staff (academic and professional). However, a staff member cannot be included in more than one application per year.
  4. Team members need to have no real or apparent conflict of interest related to the grant opportunity that could be considered by a reasonable person to potentially affect their selection or role in the grant project, for example, family relationships.
  5. Staff on fixed term contracts and sessional staff are eligible to be applicants if their employment extends for the entire duration of the grant period.
  6. All proposals must include the development of learning objects that arise from the project that will be shared with Monash staff. The form and scope of these objects should be outlined in the proposal. The objects could be an overview of project findings or other resources that communicate project insights. The MEA reserves the right to disseminate this through various channels.
  7. The proposal review panel reserves the right to release funds in alternative ways than those outlined in the application (e.g. allocated funds could be more, or less, than that requested in the application. This will be determined by the assessment of the project priority to the University and justification of approach outlined.
  8. The selection panel’s decision is final.
  9. The grant period will be 2 years from the date of the first payment.
  10. It will be compulsory for a project team representative to report on project progress and findings at two annual meetings  held during each year of the granting period
  11. Proposals must have the support of the Head of Department or Performance supervisor for each team member and acknowledgment that potential receipt of the grant does not override allocated Faculty responsibilities.
  12. Associate Deans of Education will be asked to provide advice on the priority of the project to their faculties through a separate process.  For this reason, applicants are advised to discuss the project intention with the ADE/s of all the team members’ faculties prior to development of the application.



Applications are submitted via the online application form on the MEA website. Applicants must complete the provided application template and upload this to the online form.


  • Written application - no more than five pages
  • Statement of Contribution - one page
  • Budget - one page
  • Team Details - one page


  • A4 page size
  • font must be 11 point Arial or 11 point Calibri (narrow fonts must not be used)
  • margins must be at least 2cm with clear definition between paragraphs
  • include page numbers
  • include section headings

Proposal requirements

  • Project title and participating faculties.
  • Key idea of the project and its anticipated outcomes.
  • Rationale for undertaking the project
  • The expected approach to be adopted to achieve the project outcomes including outlining potential risks, and intended time-frame for project completion.
  • An outline of the expected outputs from the project and their impact and an indication of how impact will be measured.
  • Identification of learning object(s) that will arise from the project that can be shared within Monash and the Monash Education Academy. These may form part of the project outputs or they may be developed in addition to them. The learning objects should highlight the key findings of the project and its implications for relevant stakeholders. They can be presented in a range of forms, suitable for their prospective audiences e.g. video, text. These learning objects, together with any other resources developed as a result of the project funding, will be shared with Monash staff through the MEA website
  • A detailed implementation plan, with milestones.
  • A detailed budget, showing expenditure under specified line items (budget not to include equipment cost/purchase). The budget should be appropriately costed, and should not include standalone equipment purchases (i.e. adds to the shared Faculty pool of equipment) nor clash with any existing Faculty funding commitments. Please note the budget page is in addition to the 5 page allowance
  • Statement of Contribution – one A4 page that explains the collaborative reach of the project, the mix of staff in the team, the roles of team members and indicates the percentage contribution of team members. Please note this page is in addition to the 5-page allowance.

Please note: Any software or online elements should be discussed with e-Solutions prior to submitting the proposal. There must be appropriate attribution to the Monash Education Academy, using the approved logos supplied, for all dissemination including, internal, external and international. The final project report will be provided to the MEA. This will include all the outputs of the project.

Selection process and timeline

IFTG Application Date Timeline 2021
Monday 15 February IFT Grants open
Monday 12 JulyApplication closing date for 2021 IFTG selection round. Applications close at 11:59pm 
w/c Monday 2 August Selection committee meeting
w/c Monday 9 AugustApplicants and Faculties advised of 2021 IFTG selection outcomes