Monash Warwick Alliance Visiting Educators Program

The Monash Warwick Alliance (MWA) supports jointly appointed staff, research projects, education collaboration and student activities. Per year the total pool of program funds to support activities is $50 000.

The MWA Visiting Educators Program involves the Monash Education Academy and the Warwick International Higher Education Academy in developing, sharing and disseminating enhanced and evidence-based practice in learning and teaching through targeted, innovative projects.

The Program will support exchange that enable Monash staff to:

  1. undertake a residency at Warwick;
  2. invite Warwick staff to undertake a residency at Monash;
  3. invite colleagues from a third institution to undertake a residency at Monash, Warwick or both universities, as part of a wider program of Alliance international engagement.

In 2018, Visiting Scholars will be funded up to $10,000 each. Residencies will normally be of 2-4 weeks in duration.

Visiting Scholars are expected to deliver a public event or interdisciplinary activity (such as a lecture, performance, installation, exhibition, seminar, workshop, conference, symposium etc.) aimed at a University-wide audience that contributes to academics' professional learning. In addition, applications should demonstrate an outcome such as creation of new resources, staff development, or development of new Alliance projects.

Costs eligible for support include:

  • Economy class travel (indicative quotes must be provided);
  • Accommodation (it is expected that Visiting Scholars participating in activities located at the University of Warwick will stay in on-campus accommodation);
  • Reasonable venue hire and catering costs (for events/workshops);
  • Other eligible costs outside these areas should be discussed with the Monash Education Academy prior to application submission.

Applicants may use the funds to:

  • travel to Warwick;
  • pay for a colleague from Warwick to travel to Monash;
  • pay for a colleague from another institution to travel to Monash, Warwick or both.

Application process and selection criteria

This program is open to all Monash University staff. Funds to successful applicants will be deposited into a nominated University account, as per cost centre and fund details provided in the application form.

Applications should be emailed to, making sure that the following selection criteria are addressed and a budget for the proposed program of activity is provided.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Proven track record of excellence and innovation in learning and teaching;
  • Ability of the proposed program to make a significant contribution to advance teaching and learning across the Monash Warwick Alliance;
  • Support from both sending and hosting institutions;
  • Value for money, i.e. potential impact of activity relative to funding;
  • Evidence of shared benefit of other university visiting scholars to both institutions.

Selection process

Applications will be jointly assessed by a panel consisting of representatives from the Monash Education Academy and the Monash Warwick Alliance in consultation with the respective Faculty’s Associate/Deputy Dean (Education) and the Warwick International Higher Education Academy.

For further information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document or contact:

Ms Leanne McCann
Senior Manager, Monash Education Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications must be submitted to the Monash Education Academy. Further information for staff can be viewed here.