Tips for Small Grant applications

What distinguishes an excellent application from others?

  • Projects should demonstrate potential benefits outside the faculty of origin, and the likelihood of  applicability to or take-up inn the wider Monash community.
  • The project focus should be clearly distinguishable from core faculty work ie to be more than curriculum development required to deliver a unit .
  • Good applications make the problem, gap, or opportunity clear up front, and then outlines how the project fills it, or addresses the problem or opportunity.
  • Outcomes that are clearly articulated.
  • What is already known about the area, or, what other activity related to this particular focus is already happening in the University? (work being undertaken, findings of studies). What resources are already available? Links to previous work should be made, as the panel is unlikely to fund work already being undertaken by another group. – Resources are scarce!
  • Include actual budget calculations (eg project leader 1 day per week for 100 weeks @ the rate of $x., not an estimate (eg project leader 30K).
  • Your budget and your timeline of activities should align.
  • Educational publications as a result of the project are an advantage – but dissemination and benefit to other faculties are important too.
  • It is important to talk with your Associate Dean Education (ADE) about your project.